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Office: Cote d'Ivoire
Address: Abidjan, Plateau, rue Thomasset, immeuble Saint Augustin, 6 ème étage
Contact person: Procurement Unit
Phone: + 22520 24 22 07 / 87 55 78 86
Sectors: Health Health
Nr. of employees: 11-50
Types: Government Body Government Body
Status: Active


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I - In health matters:

development and monitoring of the application of health texts;
development and monitoring of the application of health texts;
health protection of the population;
organization of care;
professional training of health workers;
promotion of medical research, particularly for endemics, in liaison with the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research;
control of major endemics, including malaria, tuberculosis, HIV-AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, leprosy and Buruli ulcer diseases;
therapeutic management of HIV-AIDS patients, therapeutic prevention of mother-to-child transmission;
fight against drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking and other addictions:
fight against cancer ;
development of occupational health, in liaison with the Minister of Labor;
development of disease prevention and primary health care;
epidemiological surveillance and health surveillance;
provision of the various development sectors, epidemiological data on HIV-AIDS infection;
strengthening of the health system;
strengthening of health security;
authorization of creation and control of private health establishments;
facilitating the installation of health actors in the private sector;
development of the national health information management system;
development of a national network of emergency services and patient transportation;
development of a network of medical biology laboratories;
regulation and control of medicines and pharmaceutical services;
authorizing the creation and promotion of the pharmaceutical industry, in liaison with the Minister of Industry;
promotion of the generic drug, especially in the area of AIDS treatment;
organization and promotion of traditional medicine and pharmacopoeia;
coordination of humanitarian aid for health;
assistance to local authorities for the monitoring and control of the establishment of public health facilities;
promotion of the assumption of health costs and expenses by the populations through mutuals and health insurance, in liaison with the Minister in charge of Social Affairs;
promotion of associations of chronic patients, in particular those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, epilepsy, sickle cell disease, AIDS, and associations of patients on dialysis;
development and implementation of health programs specific to vulnerable groups, including prison populations, displaced people, in precarious situations, in liaison with the Minister of Social Affairs,
setting up and monitoring a national ethics committee for the life and health sciences;
definition and implementation of a plan to fight against zoonoses, in liaison with the Minister of Animal and Fisheries Resources;
development and monitoring of the implementation of the health regulations for cosmetics and personal hygiene, in conjunction with the Ministries in charge of Trade and Industry;
fight against communicable diseases and neglected tropical diseases.

II - In terms of public hygiene:

development and monitoring of regulations on public hygiene;
design, implementation and monitoring of the Government's medical waste policy, in liaison with the Minister of Health and the Environment;
evaluation and monitoring of the regulation of food and medicinal products, in liaison with the Ministers in charge of Agriculture, Animal Resources and Fisheries;
proposing and implementing incentives, incentives or sanctions for local communities and local authorities in carrying out public hygiene operations;
development and monitoring of the implementation of the health regulation of cosmetic and personal hygiene products, in liaison with the Ministers in charge of Trade and Industry.

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