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Office: Mozambique
Address: Av. Ahmed Sekou Touré nº 21 Maputo Maputo +258 Moçambique
Contact person: Office
Phone: 21 490006/7
Sectors: Macro-Econ. & Public Finance Macro-Econ. & Public Finance
Nr. of employees: 51-200
Types: Government Body Government Body
Status: Active


The Ministry of Planning and Development is a central organ of the State apparatus which, according to the objective principles and tasks defined by the Government, directs and coordinates the planning process and guides the integrated and balanced economic and social development of the country.

The Ministry of Planning and Development is responsible for:

Planning of all economic and social activities and targeting the allocation of financial resources at sectoral and territorial levels, in accordance with national objectives and priorities in the short, medium and short term;
Guidance on the allocation of human resources and other existing resources in accordance with national objectives and priorities;
Formulation of proposals for integrated development policies and strategies, as well as ensuring their implementation;
coordination of macroeconomic policy making and strategy;
Guidance on the elaboration of sectoral policies and strategies, in coordination with the relevant sectors, ensuring the fulfillment of the fundamental objectives of the Government;
Monitoring, monitoring and evaluation of economic and social developments, as well as proposing measures and policies to ensure the pursuit of the defined development objectives and priorities;
Participation in the definition of policies physical planning strategies;
Coordination and contribution in the production of a knowledge base necessary for the formulation of policies and programs;
Creation and maintenance of a relevant database for analytical and policy and program formulation processes;
Development and consolidation of the planning system.

In order to fulfill its duties, the Ministry of Planning and Development has the following competences:

In the field of planning

Propose the National System of Economic and Social Planning at all levels;
Define methodologies for drawing up economic and social development plans at all levels;
Prepare forecasts for macroeconomic aggregates in the context of financial programming, in coordination with the relevant institutions;
To elaborate the Government Program proposal and e-mail short, medium and long term planning instruments, in coordination with the other State organs and institutions;
Coordinate the establishment of the multiannual forecast of revenue and financing of the State Budget and report the annual expenditure limits of State organs and institutions;
Prioritize the investment expenditure component of the State Budget;
Participate in the preparation of the State Budget proposal, ensuring its consistency with public investment programs;
Guide the process of drawing up regional and international economic and social development plans and programs;
Promote and conduct studies and research that lead to the deepening of knowledge of the socio-economic situation, contributing to the improvement of the planning process.

In the field of development

Propose the strategy for economic and social development;
Develop integrated and balanced development programs;
Guide the elaboration of public investment programs, ensuring their consistency with the Government's objectives;
Guide the process of public policy formulation development of the national business community, within the defined plans and programs;
Promote private investment and national business development initiatives within the defined plans and programs;
Promote the rational and profitable use of natural resources for territorial and national development;
Encourage balanced and harmonized development between rural and urban areas;
Coordinate the definition of national population policy, ensuring the integration of population variables into the planning process and demographic trends in the country's development strategy;
Participate in actions relating to the negotiation and conclusion of cooperation agreements for socio-economic development programs;
Ensure that Investment Agreements are aligned with Development objectives;
Guide and coordinate harmonization with international partners in the context of Development programs.

In the field of monitoring and evaluation

Define methodologies for monitoring and evaluation of economic and social development plans at all levels;
Monitor and evaluate the implementation of short, medium and long term programming instruments, proposing and adapting corrective measures to ensure that the stated objectives and priorities are met;
Coordinate the evaluation of the implementation of macroeconomic and sectoral policies;
Monitor investment programs for development;
Monitor programs and

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