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Office: Brazil
Address: Av Borges de Medeiros - 1501 Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
Contact person: Secretary
Phone: (51) 32887373
Sectors: Human Rights, Law, Social Development Human Rights, Law, Social Development
Nr. of employees: 201-500
Types: Government Body Government Body
Status: Active


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a) Construction and implementation of six POD-Youth Centers to expand the provision of socio-educational services, vocational training, sports, promotion of values and a culture of peace;

b) Implementation of actions directed to the labor market, training and linking young people with companies in their first work experience;

c) Creation and / or strengthening of discussion and participation forums for monitoring and proposing public policies in each of the POD Centers;

d) Construction of six community bases of public security;

e) Modernization of information technologies for integrated community police analysis and management and acquisition of tools for georeferencing;

f) Construction of three new socio-educational internment centers and renovation of the Padre Cacique Unit building in Porto Alegre for the Socio-Educational Assistance Foundation (FASE);

g) Formulation and execution of a continuing training plan for FASE employees aiming at the implementation of the National Socio-Education System (SINASE);

h) Monitoring the individual progress of adolescents in the phase (educational, psychosocial and health);

i) Actions to strengthen the bond of adolescents who break the law of FASE with their families and community of origin;

j) Acquisition of video surveillance systems in the units of the phase;

k) Formulation and implementation of a strategic plan and operational plans for the social prevention of violence in the Project's areas of attention; and

l) Design and implementation of a process management and monitoring system for Project activities and products, and for monitoring youth protection services provided by the Project.

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