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Office: Serbia
Address: Dr. Ivana Ribara 91 11070 Belgrade Serbia
Website: iucn.org/
E-mail(s): see@iucn.org, ecaro@iucn.org
Contact person: CEO
Phone: +381 11 2272411
Sectors: Environment & NRM Environment & NRM
Nr. of employees: N/A
Types: NGO NGO
Status: Active


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Located in South-Eastern Europe, Serbia covers an area of 88,407 km2 with moderate continental climate. Serbia is a country of rich ecosystem and species diversity – covering only 1,9% of the whole European territory it is home to 39% of European vascular flora, 51% of European fish fauna, 40% of European reptile and amphibian fauna, 74% of European bird fauna, 67% European mammal fauna. The diversity of ecosystems in Serbia is primarily evident in the diversity and specific character of its vegetation.

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