Irene Osoata

Irene Osoata Member

Last update: Sep 6, 2022 Last update: 06 Sep, 2022


Citizenship: Nigeria
Languages: English
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 14 years
Sectors: Health Health
Gender: Female
Address: Lagos, Nigeria
Cellphone: +234-805096-2921
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A medical practitioner and project manager (PMDPro certified) with expertise in public health,  organizational capacity development, project management and research, strategic partnership planning and building, public health policy development and analysis, public health systems strengthening, knowledge management and innovation, community development and advocacy within the international development sector in Africa (Nigeria). She successfully delivers in technical, advisory and managerial positions; designing, implementing and managing projects funded by major donor and development agencies such as USAID and international non-governmental organizations (MacArthur Foundation -MAF); on issues of health (SRHR, MNCH, EmOC, HIV/AIDS, PMTCT, TB, OVC and Nutrition) and strengthens policy formulations of health care systems to achieve enhanced performance and quality care outcomes in resource limited settings.

Irene has considerable experience in human rights analysis and rights based approach programming, social norms and gender related analysis, organizational capacity strengthening, community level engagement, voice, advocacy and accountability, the use of participatory approaches in project implementation, the development and deploying of curriculum using adult learning techniques. She has worked extensively in Nigerian communities and advised stakeholders including the private sector, government at all levels and community based organizations; CSOs, NGOs, FBOs. She has led various engagements inclusive of the private and public sector, and communities in relation to participation in development action and facilitated community action for change and impact. Her work is also inclusive of programming effectiveness, results and evaluation, addresses gender inequalities and ensures social inclusiveness, child protection and development of strategic documents and initiatives.

In the last decade, Irene has provided technical assistance for the improvement of health systems, eradication of communicable diseases, institutionalization of government health systems and community accountability platforms through the strengthening of health mechanisms. She has also provided technical leadership for ensuring protection to reduce vulnerabilities across marginalized groups and increase evidence and accountabilities, and has led and participated in series of evaluations and assessments including health systems assessment of emergency obstetric care in the South West, Situational Analysis for SRHR situation amongst others. Through her role in the MAF Ambulances and Accountability for Maternal Health; Irene led critical and sustainable health reforms in emergency obstetric and newborn care in Lagos State, with current influencing changes across South West Nigeria.

Amongst her various technical achievements, Irene has provided technical support across series of impactful areas for various international development organizations including Center for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA), Heartland Alliance International and  Plan International.

I hold a bachelors’ degree in Medicine & Surgery from the University of Benin, Nigeria and a Masters’ degree in Public Health with specialization in Applied Nutrition from Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. I am a member of Nigerian Medical and Dental Council and the Nigerian Medical Association (Lagos) and have participated in series of competency-based courses in relevant areas such as; Project Management and Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) in program data processing. 

Professional Summary 

  • Result driven program manager and consultant with expertise skills in delivering technical assistance for impactful, sustainable international development initiatives including rights based programming and extensive experience in programming in various thematic areas, terrains, targets, beneficiaries and actors inclusive of policy makers. Proficiency in program management execution, efficiency and quality; which connects actions, outputs, outcomes, costs and impact.                                                                 
  • Highly skilled in leadership with strategic influence, adaptive and role model abilities. Possess leadership experience and capacity in maintaining organizational culture and managing resources both human and material. Display exceptional change management, interpersonal skills and communication capabilities. Also exhibit unique team mentorship, coaching and team building abilities for high performance and leadership 
  • Highly skilled strategic partnership broker with clear understanding of power dynamics, organizational perspectives and positioning and with wide experience working in multicultural and multi-disciplinary teams with complex partnerships at national, state and local levels, also within large and small consortia programmes and partnerships and managing partners in arrangements inclusive of sub-agreements and contractual awards. Knowledgeable in capacity building of individuals, institutions and systems and with experience in donor processes, regulation and requirements. 
  • Extensive experience in managing accountability systems linked to programme goals, organizational country and global strategies. I am skilled in project documentation of success and impact – intended and unintended for organizational learning and evidence with the ability to utilize learning evidences for future programming and driving innovation and change. 
  • In portfolio and new business development support, I have experience in reviewing funding pipelines, leading processes for incremental funding as well as strategic approach for increasing funding, implementation and reporting. 
  • Appropriate communication for organizational aspiration and efforts at various fora with the capability to produce and coordinate various communication products using innovative tools to highlight the works of the organization. I possess excellent communication ability in both oral and written English.