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Citizenship: Tanzania
Languages: English, French, Swahili
Highest Degree: Bachelors
Experience: 30 years
Sectors: Roads & Bridges, Civil Engineering Roads & Bridges, Civil Engineering
Gender: Male
Address: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Cellphone: +255754263732
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I have 26 years of experience and competence in Roads construction such as:
1- feasibility study and Detailing, selection places of Survey Control Points to be fixed from satellite picture to ground by using GIS, marking positions on ground after prior selected by GIS, for control points (Second order) and GPS observation and Traversing observation and computation (Third Oder), eventually rout leveling for all control points to be heighted as Bench mark from reference Reducing level BM, and remade if there is error.
2- Setting out for the center line of new road according to the setting out data Horizontal alignment and vertical alignment and picking up of Cross sections every chainage purposely for vertical and horizontal alignment comparison with the tender cross section if are talling, if not we look the way forward for review of all sections which has the problems.
3- Setting out for bridges and culverts, drainages and all road furniture’s.
4- Controlling Embankment to make sure roads constructed according to the drawing and the specification as per contract.
5- Supervising construction as per contract and drawings by basing from the approved control survey points, writing survey report and consult RE or Highway Eng if there any problem purposely for the way forward for the review.
6- If there is any new area which is missing in drawings which has bee instructed by by Engineer, we normal take topographic survey for design by Total station, processing data in civil 3D read for implantation on site. And process for Road Geometry.
7- We preparing contours, profile, cross section drawings and volume computation for the earthwork purposely for comparison with measurement sheet of contractor.
8- Sampling level checking for all layers proposed in the drawing for total quality assurance of the project or if there is any kind of excavation for un wanted material or termites.
9- checking working space for the new road corridor to make sure the sides of cut and embankment are enough and well sloping according to the drawings ratios.
10- Checking and approve all setting out of alignments horizontal and vertical, all structures and furniture, supervising or jointly survey for the section which have conflict.