Erika Wichro
Erika Wichro
Last update: Mar 19, 2024
Erika Wichro
Last update: Mar 19, 2024
English, French, German
Highest Degree:
Medical Doctor
34 years
Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Austria, Cambodia, Cyprus, Fiji, Germany, Ghana, Guinea, Kiribati, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malawi, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Syria, Tonga, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Zambia
Health, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Monitoring & Evaluation, Programme & Resource Management, Research, Disaster Reduction
15, Fuchsroehrenstrasse, Vienna, 1110, Austria
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Today's multi-fold dynamics, challenges and opportunities are encountered by countries, organizations, businesses, and individuals. 
I specialize in helping you overcome challenges and seize those opportunities by empowering your workforce for success.

Key Highlights:
• 30+ Years of Global Health Expertise: With over three decades in the health sector, including 17+ years in diverse health emergency roles worldwide, I understand the critical role of robust systems in crisis situations.

• Your Team as Your Greatest Asset: Irrespective of your industry, a well-trained, informed, and engaged team is your ticket to innovation and achievement. My mission is to ensure you and your team thrive.

• Holistic Expertise: As a seasoned Humanitarian, International Health Consultant, and Medical Doctor, I bring a multidisciplinary perspective to the table. My skills span health emergency preparedness, crisis management, humanitarian assistance, system reviews, risk analyses, civil protection, psycho-social support, and capacity building.

• Academic Depth: My academic foundation encompasses holistic Health and Health Systems, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Civil Protection, Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution, International Law in Armed Conflict, Medical Research Ethics, and Economic Ethics.

• Recognized Excellence: My commitment and achievements in the field have earned me prestigious accolades, including the Top Global Impact Health Consultant of the Decade 2023 and the Top Humanitarian Award 2022 from the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).

• Navigating Complex Challenges: I've successfully led teams in responding to critical outbreaks like Polio, Ebola, and COVID-19 in diverse countries globally. My experience equips me to guide you through complex situations.

• Global Health Improvement: My mission is to help you excel in multicultural, diverse teams and enhance healthcare systems. I specialize in risk assessment in complex settings and crafting comprehensive strategies for global health improvement.

I'm deeply passionate about bridging strategic and tactical decision-making with practical field operations, research, and academics. Delighted to go the extra mile with you to support you achieve your goals. Let's collaborate today to fortify your capacity, foster connections, and enhance resilience. 
Email me now to embark on a journey towards greater success and impact.