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Citizenship: Ethiopia
Languages: Amharic, English, Tigrinya
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 34 years
Sectors: Education, Labour Market & Employment, Training, Public Administration, SME & Private Sector Education, Labour Market & Employment, Training, Public Administration, SME & Private Sector
Gender: Male
Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Cellphone: +251949814254 +251914723168
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I Have been working more than 8 years in the TVET sector as a leader, manager, and expert that focus on providing training for TVET trainee and for Small and Medium Enterprises through Industry Extension package that is focusing on four packages (Skill, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Kaizen) on top of this, I have been responsible for strategic to technical issues of providing leadership, management and operational implementation, in developing policy and strategy in TVET, in revising and formulating the next 15 years TVET Road Map, conducting labour market and tracer study, Skill development planning, organizing cooperative training with industries, Training Delivery to Micro &Small Enterprises, developing national Occupational Standards (OS), the development of curricula and Trainers Trainees Learning Materials (TTLM), preparing assessment tool and assessment procedures, institutionalization of TVET quality assurance system, TVET Teachers Training plan, research and development, in technology accumulation and transfer, community services, in strengthening University- Industry-TVET partnership.

So that Have developed in depth practical capacity and experiences in leading, organizing, implementing and administering human and financial resources in TVET and SME with full knowledge and understanding. Hence, I am able to Analysing, assessing and writing expert opinions relative to TVET and SME sector demand and challenges, and providing possible solutions and recommendations. I have been also worked in collaboration with many government and private sector (Industry) as well as with international organizations like GIZ, KfW, world Bank, UNIDO and other UN organizations, so that, gained international experiences.
Prior to TVET sector engagement, I have been also worked in related area, in Urban Development, Trade and Industry sector, as City Manager and Regional Deputy Bureau Head. During my service in this sector, I have also acquired immense experiences in formulating comprehensive development strategies, program and project that addresses the urban issues such as cities development strategy, urban unemployment, Skill development and training, urban industry and manufacturing strategies, SME strategies, urban housing, urban infrastructure and construction, urban financing etc.

This divers and extensive experience in the area of SME Development and TVET sector enabled me to developed valuable skill and knowledge in planning, organizing, formulating projects and possessing in-depth skill of monitoring and evaluating development project and programs.