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Citizenship: USA
Languages: English, French
Highest Degree: Ph.D
Experience: 51 years
Sectors: Health Health
Gender: Male
Cellphone: 19195483894
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Scott Moreland (Ph.D., Duke) is an indepenent consutant and  Senior Health Economist  with over 45 years of experience in academia, the private sector and in international development assistance. He has specialized in computer modeling for developing countries that link public health with the economy and social sectors. He has worked extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa under several projects where he has provided policy and strategic planning guidance on public health issues, including malaria. A hallmark of Dr. Moreland’s work is the collection and use of information for decision-making. He has also worked extensively in monitoring and evaluation of public health programs. In Senegal he supported the development of a community-based infectious diseases surveillance system. More recently, he has worked on issues of climate change and the inter-relations with deforestation, population and food security. He has served as senior advisor for economic evaluation for the MEASURE Evaluation Project and he provided modeling and health economics support for Palladium’s USAID-funded Health Policy Plus Project. Prior to joining Palladium (formerly the Futures Group) he was at RTI International and was a lecturer in economics at the University of Warwick, England.