Gulnaz Hudaykulyyeva

Gulnaz Hudaykulyyeva Member

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Citizenship: Turkmenistan
Languages: English, German, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Turkmen, Uzbek
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 23 years
Sectors: Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Administration, Fundraising, Grants & Grant Schemes, Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Agriculture Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Administration, Fundraising, Grants & Grant Schemes, Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Agriculture
Gender: Female
Address: Apt. 21 Bldg. 549 Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Phone: +99312233439
Cellphone: +99365025756
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After graduation of my Bachelor Degree, I have also attended several trainings in order to develop my skills in different areas. Also I took an internship in a bank with the aim to check and strengthen the obtained skills during the trainings. For some time, I used to work on a voluntary basis as well, which helped me to get acquainted with the embassies and international organizations in Turkmenistan.

By founding a Turkmen-Indian Friendship Club I was able to won several grants and scholarships of the Embassy of India for myself and for many other teenagers from rural areas of Turkmenistan.

Opening a Club of the Future Farmers of Turkmenistan made me to know about international projects, which resulted in my winning of a grant of the USIAD project. Thus, I started to cooperate with international projects and later joined them as a team member.  

My work experience contains different fields such as: Agribusiness, Agriculture, Translation and Interpretation, Medical sphere, Petroleum, Accounting, Office Administration and Finance etc… I loved all my positions and always enjoyed my working environment.

In the beginning of my carrier I was not good in Excel but thanks to my Boss Mr. Paul Hainzen I learned the Excel program in a very short period of time and become a professional accountant within a 2-3 months.

While working in a USAID project my Boss Dr. Roger Martin helped me a lot in developing my skills in trainings and economics area and he encouraged me to get my Master’s Degree.

With the assistant of Mr. Ajay Bhatnagar – the First Secretary in the Embassy of India in Turkmenistan, I was able to realize the dreams of many country girls and boys by training them in English, Hindi and Computer literacy and sending them to study in India in the short-term courses in the above mentioned areas.

In 2007 while studying MA, I discovered a possibility to establish a cooperation between Turkmenistan and the Pune University, in the results of which many young and talented village teenagers were able to get admission in the Pune University. The graduators of these University are currently employees of big Petroleum and Construction companies in Turkmenistan such as Dragon Oil, Schlumberger, CNPC, Bouygues etc…

Thanks to my Bosses Mr. Arthur Russell and Mr. Jean-Jacques Dautet I developed my managerial skills, which made me a good decision maker in different and difficult situations. These two experts encouraged me during my development from an assistant to a manager.

My work experience in the Asian Development Bank showed me a simplicity and intelligence of people who work in such an important sector.

Finally, my current Boss Mr. Folkert Milch trained me as a professional manager for an efficient project implementation. With his smart approaches and support I was able to get into a new Public Administration environment easily and perform a good job in the academic institution. Despite the current difficult situation our project is still active with the organization of actual online activities for the project stakeholders. With the project efforts the first Master’s Program in Public Administration has been developed for Turkmen Civil Servants, which launching is expected from the next academic year.

Thus, all my abilities and skills gained during my training and work experiences made me a professional and multifunctional manager.