Regis Deo Gracias Yelemou

Regis Deo Gracias Yelemou Member

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Citizenship: Burkina Faso
Languages: Dioula, English, French, Fula, Spanish
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 13 years
Sectors: Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Logistics, Procurement, Administration, Training, Information & Communication Technology, SME & Private Sector Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Logistics, Procurement, Administration, Training, Information & Communication Technology, SME & Private Sector
Gender: Male
Phone: +22665651265
Cellphone: +226 712 510 66
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• Guides managers in the process of PCA/SSAs in line with the policies and guidance issued by FRG, supply division and DHR.
• Facilitates the processing of contracts for consultants and external partners that provide a service to the section. This includes preparing and filing documents, completing necessary forms and templates, uploading TORs in VISION, and making necessary logistical arrangements.
• Maintains up-to-date vendor lists, partners, and consultant rosters in the field office.
Communications & Workflow:
• Facilitates the communications and workflow of the organizational unit to enhance the efficiency and timeliness of operations and outputs.
• Manages incoming and outgoing correspondence, e-mails and telephone calls
• Communicates routine and some non-routine information pertaining to the work of the team.
• Establishes and maintains the office filing and reference systems, both traditional and digital; and ensures the inter/intra-net websites are up to date and accurate.
• Calendar/Meetings/Correspondence Management
• Maintains office calendar and arranges meetings
• Takes minutes of meetings, ensuring accuracy, attention to detail and coherence.
• Supports capacity development activities and conferences by making the logistical arrangements, through engaging with facilitators, caterers and hosts.
• Arranges times through liaising with participants over availability.
• Liaises with budget focal points and section over costs and needs.
• Prepares background materials for participants and uploads cleared materials on the intranet.
• Prepares and maintains agendas on meetings and events related to the work group commitments.
• Provides travel assistance to staff members in section for travel arrangements and entitlements based on the organizations rules and policies. Liaises with relevant travel focal points to ensure that the organization obtains the best service and price for all travel.
• Briefs/de-briefs staff members on issues relating to related administrative matters such as Travel Application, VISAS, security clearance, and documentation procedures.
• Extracts, inputs, maintains, and verifies correctness of travel records in the organizations travel system to ensure accurate transactions related to travel costs and staff travel.
• Assists in the preparation of budgets on travel costs and maintain travel plan and budgetary control records.
• Monitors travel certification and report back to the team and CO
Invoice Processing:
• Responsible for collecting invoices and filing documents for approval and, thereafter processing in VISION.
• Uploads electronic files and verifies results to destination system.
• Responds to client transaction status and other inquiries.
• Supports management of administrative supplies, office equipment, and updating inventory of items IN THE OFFICE AND Warehouse:
• Monitors and supervises adequate and appropriate use of supplies. Ensures that services and maintenance of premises are in accordance with organizational standards.
• Arranges for the purchase and timely distribution of office supplies.
• Maintains and updates a system which monitors the absence of staff.
COVID-19 recommendations
• Ensure compliance with barrier measures in the office, warehouses and in motor vehicles.
• Ensure the installation of hand washing devices, hydroalcolic gels
• Ensure the monitoring of the temperature taken of all staff and / or visitors before entering in the office, warehouses and in motor vehicles
• Ensure monitoring of the compulsory wearing of masks before entering the in the office, warehouses and in motor vehicles