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Citizenship: Germany
Languages: English
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 40 years
Countries: Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, China, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, India, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen
Sectors: Energy, Procurement, Trade, Civil Engineering, Law, Programme & Resource Management, Finance & Accounting Energy, Procurement, Trade, Civil Engineering, Law, Programme & Resource Management, Finance & Accounting
Gender: Male
Address: Germany / Bavaria
Cellphone: +491728211831
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From Helmut F Giesa, Individual Independent Consultant for Infrastructure projects
To Ministries, Authorities, Auditing Companies, Law firms,  Project Management Institutes, Consulting firms or the CONSTRUCTION industry
>>> Dear Madam, dear Sir,
Do you look for a competent and experienced INDEPENDENT advisor/consultant for short-/medium-term missions? 
****************************************   I am able to fill the gap to reach your goals successfully, as a Civil Engineer with Economics post-graduate study and Contractual / Legal autodidactic long-life learning. I gained a wide variety of knowledge, experiences, and skills during my over 40 years of lasting professional life in
•    Different   S E C T O R S
•    all project   L I F E   C Y C L E S
•    tasks, duties,   F U N C T I O N S   
in technical, financial, administrative, and contractual management.

Specialized performance and deliveries worldwide – with ruling contract languages in English and/or German
(1)    Technical, financial, administrative, and contractual Management 
in all PROJECT CYCLES from inception, studies, design, preparation of procurement documents, Tech + Fin EVALUATION, Awards of Contract, Implementation, OPERATION / Maintenance, and Defect Notification periods. 
(2)    IFI – Donors PROCUREMENT Management
for traditional contract deliveries, Design+Build/DB, Design+Build+Operate/DBO, DBOMT, and OPBRC / PPP. 
(3)    FIDIC + EDF Contract Administration and CONTRACT Management 
Procurement, Evaluations, Time-, Resource- and Cost  / Earnings-planning with appropriate software (MS_Project), tracking + trending EVA, MONITORING & Evaluation / provident NOTICES, Claim - substantiations, VARIATION proposals, Change management, forensic Disruption and Delay analysis, substantial eligibility of MERITS/entitlements, valuations of the QUANTUM (e.g. direct, indirect, time- and value-rated costs, overheads) and dispute resolutions.
(4)    Dispute Avoidance and Adjudication Board DAAB - Member with impartial, independent, and neutral opinions ***********************************************************
and decisions. Presentation of the case of the referrals/responses in the Hearing or Conferences. www.aid21.de/DISARB.pdf  
(5)   Audits, develop CAPACITIES and enhance CAPABILITIES by OJTs / Workshop facilitations  
Tutor for plenty of technical, financial, administrative, and contractual subjects for in-house assistance. Refer to the publication : www.AiD21.de/42FIDIC+EDF.pdf  , workshops listed on page three (3). 

I look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards, Helmut F Giesa – Sept 2023
Mobile - Whatsapp: +49 172 821 1831 ..... Skype HFG2404 
Fact sheet: www.aid21.de/TOC123.pdf  

11+12. Short Version CV: procurement, finance, and contracts, time-, resource, cost planning and control, disruption and delay analysis.  www.aid21.de/11ADB.pdf  and www.aid21.de/12EU.pdf  
13. Long verson CV: tech, fin, admin, logistic, contractual management www.aid21.de/13Long.pdf  
14. Donors + Contracts: Donor experiences and Contract deliveries: www.aid21.de/14Donors.pdf