Kalisa Habyarimana Maurice

Kalisa Habyarimana Maurice Member

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Citizenship: Rwanda
Languages: English, French, Kinyarwanda
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 20 years
Sectors: Civil Society & NGOs, Education, Monitoring & Evaluation, Research Civil Society & NGOs, Education, Monitoring & Evaluation, Research
Gender: Male
Address: Kigali City - Nyarugenge District
Cellphone: +250 788 520 064
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I am experienced in primary education focused project design, development, implementation, management, monitoring and Evaluation and reporting;

I am experienced in coordinating Competence Based Curriculum related training material development for teachers, students and other education stakeholders;

I am experienced in developing instructional materials for teachers and students for primary level

I am skilled in documenting project success stories and lessons learnt for further actions;

I am experienced in planning and conducting staff coaching and mentoring towards project outcomes and goal;

I am experienced in conduct joint school visits with education authorities to observe lesson and provide constructive feedback;

I am used to participate in teachers’ Communities of Practices, trouble-shoot technical difficulties at and plan activities to overcome identified challenges;

I am experienced in evaluating teachers and students' use learner-centered active methods in the teaching/learning activities;

I am experienced in the development, piloting, validating and quality check of ‘Early Grade Mathematics Assessment’ tools;

I am experienced with working with different funders including Global Fund, FCDO, UNICEF, Global Affairs Canada, MINECOFIN, MICROSOFT and National Postcode Lottery (Netherlands);

I am experienced in updating supervisors on budget use through a regular budget tracking/monitoring, develop variance and compliance reports and do a forecast in line with donor program requirements;

I am a strong team player in making projects run effectively and efficiently;

I have a proven experience in elaboration of organization strategic plans;

I am skilled to support personnel from partners’ institutions who have coaching and mentoring into their attributions so that they do it effectively;

I am experienced with staff annual development goals setting, performance appraisal and setting succession hence staff career development that address weaknesses noticed;

I am innovative and self-driven, think out of box in order to bring new ways of implementing projects;

I am experienced in working with the MINEDUC, REB, UR-CE and TTC on the teacher and students’ materials development and teacher trainings;

I am experienced in projects’ log frame development.