Khandoker Nazrul Islam

Khandoker Nazrul Islam Member

Last update: 5 days ago Last update: 24 May, 2023


Citizenship: Bangladesh
Languages: Bengali, Bangla, English
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 23 years
Sectors: Education, Food Security, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Poverty Reduction, Monitoring & Evaluation, Human Rights, Research Education, Food Security, Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Poverty Reduction, Monitoring & Evaluation, Human Rights, Research
Gender: Male
Address: Ta-217, South Badda, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212
Cellphone: +8801712525879
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  • Bid winning team member as key expert M&E, Listed as Top M&E Professional in Who’s Who Guide-2018 published by Devex, Get high and first preference as M&E designer, system developer and leader as starter for any challenging, complex, new social issue based mega alliance/ consortium project, Served 18 years as Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) lead in UN agencies, various international and national, organizations; Currently working as Director-M&E in Democracy International as the key positoin of a USAID funded project;  successfully designed and managed M&E for four largest consortium of which one was the consortium with  membership of 10 world renowned INGOs (ActionAid, CARE International, Concern Universal, Concern Worldwide, Handicap International, HelpAge International, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Oxfam GB, Plan International, Solidarites International)  and the other was  country wide spread consortium with membership of 550 women headed organizations
  • MDS (Master of Development Studies) from Khulna University (stood first place, CGPA 3.73 out of 4), Bangladesh; MA in Philosophy (stood ninth place in preliminary) from National University, Bangladesh and also studied Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA, 600 marks completed) from ICMA Bangladesh
  • Managed the M& E upto 50 million US dollar projects; supervised a large team of 14 member staffs from M&E, MIS, Research, Knowledge Management and Documentation unit ; worked as the M&E head for the project funded by: USAID, USDoL, EC, ECHO, DFID,RNE, EKN
  • Played lead role in designing and managing M&E system of the following : human development (maternal health, child health and nutrition, social protection, livelihood- both on farm and off farm, food security, non-formal education, vocational training and job creation, hygiene and sanitation); humanitarian assistance; economic development (rural infrastructure, social services, production); governance and security (policy analysis and reform); Disaster risk reduction and climate change, prevention and curative support for HIV/ AIDS for most at risks population, gender equity and women’s political as well as economic employment
  • Developed independently at least 7 Mega projectsand 40 small grant projects' M&E system , M&E framework, M&E plan with appropriate Indicators, M&E tools for process, progress, performance and results monitoring simultaneously considering both quantitative and qualitative improvement with special focus on knowledge, skill, attitude and behavior monitoring from the point of measuring the impact and sustainability, standard and uniform reporting formats and systems, data management strategy and system, data quality assessment  process
  • Managed and completed at least 7 baseline survey, 5 midterm review, 2 final evaluation, 4 impact assessment, dozens of action research, operation research and routine studies; coordinated baseline assessment, mid-term review, final evaluation conducted by international consulting firms, like: TANGO International, MonEval etc.
  • Excellent capacity to design and manage large relational database by using MS Access including web based and smart phone  based (online, offline ) data management  system by using  online web portal like: Survey ToGo, Survey Monkey; capable to establish remote support system and central controlling mechanism for data management by using online based software: Team Viewer; managed  fully web-based  300,000 beneficiary progress tracking data system; Designed and Managed Projects’ Theory of Change by  using web based  software: Theory of Change Online (ToCo)
  • Advance level knowledge, skills, expertise and fascination on using MS Excel (simple, complex and compound dynamic formula, dynamic chart,  dynamic graph, dynamic dashboard, dynamic module based macro)
  • Differential skills on developing smart software package by Visual Basic Application (VBA), Visual Basic Script (VBS), Batch programming for generating micro to macro level analytical report, error detection & auto comments on detected errors, routine compiled report, combine review comments, combine Gantt chart, routine monitoring report, routine study report before finishing the cup of tea! , it completes an hour’s tasks within a minute and a day tasks by 10 minutes!!
  • Highly capable in using advanced statistical method (both descriptive and inferential) for analyzing data and interpreting results through outlier checking, normality testing, testing for homogeneity, chi2 test, t-test, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), correlation, regression by using SPSS / STATA, Excel add-ins: Mega stat, Analysis tool pack
  • Organized Regional Lesson Learnt workshop at Bangkok with participation of the key personnel from: ActionAid, Action Contre la Faim, Acted, BBC Media Action, CARE International, Concern Universal, Concern Worldwide, Handicap International, HelpAge International, Hope’87, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Oxfam GB, Plan International, Red Cross, Save the Children International, Solidarites International, World Vision International, FAO, UNDP, WFP, WHO, and country from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, United Kingdom


Last Five Years’ Appraisal from Supervisors

Performance Appraisal (2015) - Initially, the objective is only to develop the M&E Framework for NARRI Consortium. However Nazrul has initiated to develop the comprehensive M&E guideline (which exceeds the expectation) for this project and oriented all NARRI members on it. As part of the M&E system he has developed the ToR and assessment tool and provided orientation to all involved staff members. Nazrul supported the process and developed standard format to be used by all members in the field. Nazrul has proactively provided additional orientation and trainings for the staff of NARRI members to ensure their better understanding on the M&E system and requirement. He is also good in maintaining communication with all other members and his supervisor.  He proactively arranged one-to-one meeting for the partners for any support they required from his side. Nazrul has ensured meticulous data of the project are made available throughout the period. Comprehensive information on project data is now available and easily accessible. Therefore he was able to prepare good quantitative report as required. He also supports the compilation of narrative report from partners for easy review and revision by the Consortium Manager. Nazrul has performed his appointed tasks very well with good quality of works and dedication. He also ensures the quality of implemented activities is taken into consideration by all members implementing the projects. Nazrul has performed very well in his position as M&E Manager for NARRI Consortium. He has very good technical skill on M&E, which he has applied properly in his works – by Ms.Sonya Syafitri, Consortium Manager, NARRI Consortium


Performance Appraisal (2011-2014) - Mr. K N Islam has demonstrated his ability to manage all aspects of M&E. He is knowledgeable about M&E and demonstrated the ability to adjust and modify project plans.  Mr. Nazrul is always committed to quality which is demonstrated by his dedication to following systems and procedures. He is very much efficient and supportive for conduction of any survey.  He has proven ability to create an atmosphere in which timely and high quality information flows smoothly within the program. He demonstrates his ability to analyze and identify factors creating problems and offer recommendations to program using facts and good analysis before the problem become critical. He led the effort to orientate PNGO to the program and M&E and create a supportive environment.  His multiple roles and ability to manage them at the field level are greatly appreciated. He is very systematic and not compromising the standard and quality. He sets high standards of expectation for himself and his team. His team members are highly appreciative of his support and are motivated by his leadership. Mr. Nazrul possesses up-to-date knowledge in his functional professions and very good technical skills.  Mr. Nazrul initiatives in designing auto email on leave status to relevant staff are appreciated. The Data Quality Management system has been developed by Khandoker Nazrul Islam and implemented by the dedicated M&E team led by him confirms quality data for 25,000 MCHN participants, 3 partner NGOs, 250 Care Groups, 1900 data entry persons! So, no significant findings noted in four data quality verification exercises conducted by USAID & Prime! - by Dr. Shohel Rana, Administrator PCI & Mr.Jerome Sigamany, Senior Director, PCI