Piyush Kumar Gupta
Piyush Kumar Gupta Procurement Expert, Procurement Specialist (International)
Last update: May 20, 2024
Piyush Kumar Gupta Procurement Expert, Procurement Specialist (International)
Last update: May 20, 2024
English, Hindi
Highest Degree:
30 years
Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria
Environment & NRM, Procurement, Roads & Bridges, Urban Development, Pollution & Waste Management (incl. treatment), Civil Engineering, Water & Sanitation
Lucknow, India
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Freelance Procurement Expert, Civil Engineering Graduate & Masters Degree in Environmental Engg, have over 25 years rich experience.

Worked on multiple ADB/ World Bank/ KfW / European Investment Bank (EIB)/ AfD/ AIIB financed Infrastructure Investment Projects and Development Projects in India, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Maldives, Cambodia, Laos/ Lao PDR, Mongolia and Nigeria, including multiple assignments under direct engagement by ADB for TA Assignments.

The expertise include Project Management, Contract Administration, Bid process management, Procurement of Works as per ADB guidelines, Selection of Consulting firms as per ADB Guidelines, FIDIC Conditions of Contract, Assistance in Preparation of Projects etc. Also well proven deliveries on "Strategic Procurement Planning" following “ADB’s Procurement Risk Framework” and “ADB’s Guidance Note on Strategic Procurement Planning” of 2018. ADB’s Procurement Policy (2017), Procurement Regulations for ADB Borrowers (2017) and ADB’s Procurement guidelines.

The responsibilities shared as Procurement expert inter-alia covers the overall management and control of bidding process, Procurement Capacity Assessment of EAs, finalizing and updating of procurement plans, assisting in preparation of Loan approval documents, control of procurement activities and documentations, review and finalization of procurement documents namely bidding documents, TORs and RFPs, clarifications and bid evaluation/Technical & Financial proposals, preparation of Bid evaluation reports and Submissions (0 to 4) for Consultants Selection etc, handling procurement related queries, assist in negotiations and ensure compliance with ADB requirements.

The sectors I worked with primarily include Urban Infrastructure Development, Water Supply & treatment System, Sewerage System, Solid Waste Management, Roads & Flyovers, Flood control and Reconstruction Projects.