Arno Haegens

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Citizenship: Netherlands
Languages: Afrikaans, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Swahili
Highest Degree: Masters
Years of Experience: 28 years
Sectors of experience: Media and Communications Media and Communications
Gender: Male
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  • Master’s degree in Mass Communication, specialized in Communication for Development
  • More than twenty five years of experience in planning and executing Communications and Information support programs
  • Experience in the following sectors: Fisheries, Livestock, Forestry, Agricultural Rehabilitation, Human Rights, Customs, Integrated Water Resources Management, Local Government Reform, Financial Transparency and Accountability, Institutional Development, Food Security, Tenure Security, Visibility & Partnership Promotion
  • Six years of experience with United Nations
  • Eighteen years of experience as short/long term consultant working with governments in Africa and South East Asia
  • Experience with the following donors: EU, World Bank, DfID, USAID, UN