Antony Murithi

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Citizenship: Kenya
Languages: English
Highest Degree: Masters
Experience: 34 years
Sectors: Logistics, Trade, Monitoring & Evaluation, Urban Development, Regional Integration, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, Transport Logistics, Trade, Monitoring & Evaluation, Urban Development, Regional Integration, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, Transport
Gender: Male
Address: P.O. Box 56840-00200 Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: +254711462929
Cellphone: +254733234397
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Devlopment Economist, Institution & Policy Advisor, Transport Economist, Trade and Logistics Expert:

Consultancy Services: Freight Flow Logistic Study Lake Victoria and Eastern Africa Regional Corridors.

Joint UNCTAD−ECA Development Account Project on Services Trade in African Countries: Kenya

Consultancy Service for Piloting of Enhanced Enforcement of Road Safety and Post-Crash Care in Ethiopia

Consultancy Service for Monitoring and Evaluation Coordination for Implementation of the Mombasa Port and Northern Corridor Community Charter

Consultancy Services for the Provision of Technical, Financial and Performance Audits Package No. P5: North Rift Region in Kenya

Baseline Study and Impact Evaluation/Assessment on Road Maintenance Levey Fund (RMLF) Funded Projects

Carry out Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of expected outcomes and benefits of 10 sampled road projects and on overall performance of road maintenance programme

Prepare Value for Money Report on RMLF

Projects to establish whether proper arrangements have been put in place to ensure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of public resources.

Preparation of Documentation for the 4th EAC Heads of State Retreat on Infrastructure Development and Financing.

Regional Analysis of Performance and Trends in Trade and Transport.

East Africa Freight Logistics Value Chain – Market Analysis and Programme Design


Consulting Services for Productivity Improvement Programme Study at the Port of Mombasa - Time and Motion Study (Marine Services and Cargo Handling and Clearance Operations) and analysis of Operational Statistics, Kenya (Mombasa Port Time and Motion Study

Development and Implementation of National Transport Funding Policy in Kenya

Transaction Advisory Services (Assistance for Selection of Terminal Operator) for Mombasa Port Development Project

Preparation of Mombasa Port Master Plan, 2015-2035

Political Economy Analysis of Regional Transport Integration in the East African Community

Beira and Nacala Ports and Corridor Assessment for Improvements of Efficiency and Reduction of Transportation Costs

Prepare Self-Regulatory Axle Load Control Charter for the Northern Corridor

Institutional and technical capacity support to port planning and development for improvement of trade, reduction in transport costs and enhanced regional integration

Diagnostic Assessment of South Sudan Transport Network (USAID Diagnostic Assessment of the Nimule-Juba Transport Link and Preparation of Action Plan of Priority Interventions)

Development of Port Statistics and Performance Indicators and Establishment of Database System in Eastern and Southern Africa

Institutional policy and development, data collection and economic analysis, planning, budgeting, research, regional cooperation

USAID Sudan Infrastructure Services, Capacity Building Program

Preparation of Sudan National Transport Master Plan

USAID Sudan Infrastructure Program, Capacity Building Component

Feasibility Study on Cargo Tracking System along the Mombasa and Dar es Salaam Corridors