European Commission Directorate-General for International Partnerships (EuropeAid HQ)

Non-State Actors and Local Authorities Programme for the Baltic Sea Region (within the framework of priorities of the Northern Dimension)

Last update: Jan 25, 2012 Last update: 25 Jan, 2012


Status: Awarded
Budget: EUR 3,500,000
Award ceiling: N/A
Award floor: N/A
Sector: Culture, Energy, Environment & NRM, Health, Regional Integration, Inst. Devt. & Cap. building, Transport
Eligible applicants: NGOs
Eligible nationalities: EU 27, Iceland, Liechtenstein, N ... See more EU 27, Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Russia, Turkey
Date posted: 24 Jan, 2011

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 EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/L/ACT/RU.  EuropeAid/130934/...
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