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Last update: Jun 1, 2022 Last update: Jun 1, 2022


Deadline: Jun 15, 2022 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Georgia Georgia
Sectors: Roads & Bridges, Civil Engineering Roads & Bridges, Civil Engineering
Job type: Contract, 4 to 12 months
English English
Work experience: From 20 years
Date posted: Jun 1, 2022
Expected starting date: Jun 30, 2022


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Job Summary:

This individual will be a Highway Engineer with at least 20 years of international experience in road construction projects financed by international financing institutions out of which 5 years of FIDIC and at least 5 years of experience in relevant managerial position (TL) in road construction supervision projects.

The candidate should have a proven record of managerial capability through the directing/managing of major civil engineering works, including contracts of a similar magnitude.

The following activities are foreseen to be carried out;

The Consultant shall submit a Supervision Manual to the RD for approval. This should describe the specific procedures to be followed by the Consultant’s staff to fulfill the role of the Engineer under the applicable FIDIC (MDB) works contract. It should encompass but not be limited to the following:
 Construction quality and quantity assurance procedures;
 Organization of site daily supervision (including team composition and roles);
 Standard formats (correspondence, notifications, dairies, acts (including hidden acts, RFIs-request for inspections), variations, etc.) to be used;
 Standard tests, forms etc.
 Compliance of activities with project safeguards including the project’s environmental management plan, road and workplace safety The consultant shall carry out all duties ascribed to ‘The Engineer’ in the ‘General Conditions of Contract’. The principal responsibilities of the

Engineer will be the following:
(i) to issue the Order to Commence to the Contractors;
(ii) to approve the contractor's work program and the source of materials;
(iii) to review and approve the contractor’s Quality Assurance System, including the Quality Assurance Plan and monthly reporting by the contractor.
(iii) to authorize, with the Client's approval, the Contractors' sub-contracting parts of the work;
(iv) to explain and/or propose adjustment to ambiguities and/or discrepancies in the Contract Documents;
(v) on receipt of the work order, the Consultants will carefully study the available design, drawings, technical specifications, construction contract and other documents to understand the design philosophy and its implementation; Consultant’s Services Time-Based
(vi) to review, verify and further detail the design of the contract works, to approve the Contractors' working drawings and, if necessary, to issue further drawings and/or to give instructions to the Contractor;
(vii) to coordinate all engineering decisions, including updating the design;
(viii) to approve the setting out of the works;
(ix) Agreed with the Client, to approve the Contractors' key superintendence personnel, construction programs;
(x) to order special tests of materials or completed works and/or removal and substitution of improper materials and/or work as required;
(xi) to control and appraise the progress of the works and, with the Client’s approval, to order suspension of works and to authorize, extensions of the period for completion of the works;
(xii) to issue variation orders, evaluate variations, fix rates for unpriced work, or order day work all after obtaining prior approval of the Client, and/or to make recommendations to the Client regarding alternatives;
(xiii) to issue interim certificates for payment to the Contractors on the basis of measured work items or to certify the completion of the works or parts thereof;
(xiv) to inspect the works periodically, during the rehabilitation-reconstruction period and the Defects Liability Period and to issue Defects Liability Certificates after the rectification by the Contractor of possible defects,
(xv) to carry out generally all the duties of the Engineer as specified in the Contract, within the limitations specified therein;
(xvi) to advise the Client on all matters relating to claims from the Contractor and to make recommendations thereon, including the possible recourse to arbitration or Court of Law;

In the event of any arbitration or litigation procedures, the consultant should be ready to provide assistance in front of the Board of Arbitration or Court of Law, if so requested by the Client;


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