National Consultant-Facilitate Training on Gender Sensitive Organizational Culture under the Presidential Leadership Program for Women Leaders

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Last update: Jul 8, 2022 Last update: Jul 8, 2022


Deadline: Jul 14, 2022 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Ethiopia Ethiopia
Sectors: Gender, Training Gender, Training
Job type: Contract, up to 4 months
Amharic, English Amharic, English
Work experience: From 5 years
Date posted: Jul 8, 2022
Expected starting date: Jul 16, 2022


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UN Women, grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the empowerment of women; and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security. Placing women's rights at the centre of all its efforts, UN Women leads and coordinates United Nations system efforts to ensure that commitments on gender equality and gender mainstreaming translate into action throughout the world. It will provide strong and coherent leadership in support of Member States' priorities and efforts, building effective partnerships with civil society and other relevant actors.

UN Women Ethiopia Country Office, under its Strategic Note (2021 – 2025) identifies Women in Leadership and Governance as a thematic area with the aim to contribute to the overall goal of increasing the effective participation and representation of women in leadership and decision-making position in in Ethiopia. One of the stragegies adopted by the program is increasing the capacity of women to compete for leadership postition.

To this effect, UN Women in collaboration with Office of the President of Ethiopia and Ministry of Women and Social Affairs (MoWSA) has launched the Presidential Leadership Program for middle level women leaders in public, private and CSO sectors in February 2022. Building upon already tested methods to empower women in leadership, the leadership program targets women leaders at federal and regional middle level leadership positions, women leaders in the private and CSO sector, to provide a leadership capacity building backstop and a platform for networking with other women leaders for maximum impact. The leadership program is aimed at creating safe space for women leaders for learning, experimenting, and communicating with each other to address individual, systematic, and institutional barriers for effective leadership. It will also equip women leaders with new knowledge or leadership principles and facilitate critical reflection to enable them to have an insight as to their own leadership style.

Currently, UN Women is planning to undertake the two concurrent rounds of the training program for 60 women leaders drawn from the public, private, CSO sectors from different parts of the country over a period of 10 days from 11-23 July 2022 in Sululta, Ethiopia.


Under direct supervision of the UN Women in Leadership and Governance Team, the national consultant will undertake the following tasks:

Review needs assessment question for trainees; and prepare Pre and post training assessment questions on the course that is due to be delivered by the trainer
Review and enrich training curriculum/content, power point presentation, list of reference material and relevant exercises for the training
Prepare a brief final post training report capturing the practical and the technical sections of the training including the main issues raised throughout the training, results achieved, and the challenges faced, and lessons learned with a view to improve further training rounds.
The facilitators are expected to be able to facilitate the sessions in Amharic while reference materials except for power point presentation can be in English

Duties and Responsibilities

Main deliverables of the national consultants should include:

Prepare Pre and Post Training Assessment questions and critical analysis of the same.
Review needs assessment surveys of trainees before the training.
Prepare and enrich training material on gender sensitive organizational culture.
Two-day training delivery on organizational culture.
Preparation of final workshop report and consolidation of pre and post training assessment results


Core Values:

Respect for Diversity

Core Competencies:

Awareness and Sensitivity Regarding Gender Issues
Creative Problem Solving
Effective Communication
Inclusive Collaboration
Stakeholder Engagement
Leading by Example

Required Skills and Experience


Minimum of master level degree in social sciences, particularly on gender studies, governance, managment, leadership, or another related field.


Minimum five years of experience in leadership capacity development including provision of leadership Trainings preferably for women
Extensive knowlege on the area of Gender equality, gender mainstreaming and gender senstive organisatinal culture
Specific expereince facilitation of audlt trainings/dialogues
Previous professional experience with the United Nations is an asset.


Written and oral proficiency in Amharic and English is required.