Consultancy - Multi-Country Project Evaluation, SNV Bhutan, Nepal and Lao PDR

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Last update: Sep 28, 2022 Last update: Sep 28, 2022


Deadline: Oct 7, 2022 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Bhutan Bhutan
Sectors: Monitoring & Evaluation Monitoring & Evaluation
Job type: Contract, up to 4 months
English English
Work experience: From 10 years
Date posted: Sep 28, 2022
Expected starting date: Oct 8, 2022


Company Description


SNV in collaboration with the Institute of Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney (ISF-UTS) and CBM Australia, the governments of Nepal, Bhutan and Lao PDR and local partners are implementing a multicountry project within a 5-year agreement with a combined investment of AUD $13,309.362. The project is supported by the Australian Government’s Water for Women (WfW) Fund (1) which aims to improve the health, gender equality and well-being of Asian and Pacific communities through inclusive, sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs. Through this, it intentionally seeks to “raise the bar in terms of gender and socially inclusive analysis, design and program delivery in WASH”, and in doing so to lead practice globally in terms of gender and social inclusion practice (2) . The Beyond the Finish Line project summaries are provided in Annex 1.

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

SNV is an international non-profit organization working in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, including in Bhutan, Nepal and Lao PDR. Our goal is poverty alleviation which we aim to achieve by providing sustainable access to basic services and generating income and employment opportunities in our focus sectors of Food, Energy and Water. We have developed trusted relationships with governments and local partners and our approach is underpinned by a focus on inclusive development, building local ownership and creating systemic change. Within WASH programmes our approach is based on the recognition that access to water and sanitation are human rights. SNV builds the capacity of government duty bearers and stakeholders in civil society and private sector to strengthen sustainable service systems for all.

(2) Within this Fund, gender and social inclusion refer to the inclusion of any social variables, which may result in marginalisation from decision-making around, or access to the use of WASH facilities within the chosen context. As this is the Water for Women Fund, this particularly refers to gender, but may also include age, ability or impairment, ethnicity, religion, indigeneity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE) and so on.

Job Description


SNV will undertake a final evaluation with three project teams and partners of the multi-country project – Beyond the Finish Line, 2018-2022 as a summative assessment of project achievements and outcomes. These terms of reference present the objective, the methodology, the deliverables and responsibilities of this process. As a final evaluation it will address both project impact and effectiveness to understand the difference the multi-country project has made and how well it has delivered its outcomes. It is also important that the evaluation consider the sustainability of outcomes along with equity, relevance, and efficiency considerations.

Whilst the evaluation is to be conducted externally to provide independence and transparency, it is intended to engage project teams and partners, through for example sense-making processes and facilitated reflection workshops. The process used for the Mid-Term Reviews provide examples of this. With a proposed two year extension period the evaluation will also be used as an opportunity to focus on learnings from implementation and consider how they can be applied in future climate resilient programming. The end line from the current timeframe (2018-2022) will also inform the subsequent baseline in the proposed extension phase (2023-2024).

To enable this, SNV are seeking applications for a Lead Evaluator, or team and Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) specialist with combined demonstrated experience in undertaking WASH programme evaluations, tailored to the projects focus on capacity building, system strengthening and transformative approaches.



The objectives of the evaluation are to:
1. Evaluate the impact, effectiveness, equity and sustainability of the three projects’ outcomes
2. Support learning and improvement,
3. Document and share knowledge from implementation


The evaluation is expected to use suitable qualitative research methods, including review of project documentation and literature. In consultation with SNV, the consultants will develop a detailed evaluation plan that further refines the evaluation questions, data collection methods and includes a detailed planning and a division of roles and tasks between the evaluators, SNV and local consultancy teams (Nepal, Bhutan) which will be contracted by SNV.

The methodology proposed will need to be in line with the project’s principles, partnership approaches and m&e plan, ensuring they are fit-for purpose and contextually appropriate. The lead evaluator supported by a dedicated gender and social inclusion specialist will design the approach to respond to the evaluation questions and then support local contracted in-country teams (Bhutan, Nepal) 4who will undertake further data collection and analysis whilst in parallel leading the process in Lao PDR. The lead evaluator will then provide the final review and assessment of findings to meet the evaluation objectives with input from the GEDSI specialist. It is envisioned that support is provided as a combination of in-country and remote to maximise efficiencies but that each project will be visited.

The evaluation is expected to draw on existing performance monitoring data which has been collected in line with SNVs Performance Monitoring Guidelines5 by SNV teams in October 22 and is not intended to duplicate survey processes. This includes existing household and institution level surveys (baseline, mid-term and endline), annual capacity assessments with government line agencies and SMEs, FGDs with key groups (eg People with disabilities, women, households living in poverty) as well as project deliverables and knowledge and learning products...

Please download the Terms of References here (for more details on methodology and requirements)

Additional Information

Timeline and Duration
The assignment is estimated to cover 50 days for an Evaluation Lead or team approach, plus an additional 15 days support from a Gender, Disability and Social Inclusion Specialist (LOE 15 Days) and international travel.
The entire assignment is anticipated to commence at the start of October with the final deliverables to be submitted to SNV on or before 31st December 2022.

Payment Terms and Conditions
The payment schedule shall be as follows:
- 25% upon signing of contract
- 45% upon completion of the interpretation phase
- 30% upon submission of final approved deliverables.

The payment and contracting of country level teams will be managed separately by SNV.
SNV are seeking applications for a lead evaluation or team and GEDSI specialist with demonstrated experience in undertaking WASH programme evaluations, with a focus on capacity building, system strengthening and transformative approaches. The lead evaluator must have availability throughout the duration of the project and bring excellent evaluation, coordination and communication skills and a demonstrated ability to work across culturally diverse settings and teams. Experience in facilitating remote sessions and processes preferred.

Composition of the evaluation team
The evaluation team is expected to be a Lead Evaluator and a GEDSI specialist but a team approach may also be appropriate with adequate steering.
The lead should meet the following criteria:
· At least 10 years of experience within the field of international development cooperation;
· A strong background in evaluation and research, including applied to WASH programming;
· Experience with qualitative research methods.
All team members should meet the criteria below:
· Demonstrable familiarity with the domain of civil society strengthening, evidence generation and dissemination, and advocacy in WASH programming;
· Experience in ensuring inclusive evaluation processes and an understanding of ensuring accessibility and reasonable accommodation in evaluation processes (or similar).
· Familiarity with the (political) local context of the to-be-visited countries;
· Familiarity with the sector the project is operating in;
· Fluency in English communication, reporting and presentation skills.

Evaluation Criteria
- Experience in similar work with evidence (40%), preferably in the focus countries
- Competencies (40%)
- Financial (20%).

Due Diligence
The consultant shall comply with the SNV Code of Conduct and the Child Protection Policy during the assignment period.

Submission of proposal
Through this request SNV invites interested parties to submit a concise proposal that:
· Expresses understanding of the purpose of the evaluation
· Proposes a broad outline of approach and methods to be employed
· Provides daily consultancy fees, travel budget and an overall budget on headlines
· Includes consultants’ competencies and proof thereof (include 2 evaluation/research reports related to the subject), evaluators’ CVs, company profile
· Declares consultants’ availability in the period October 2022 – December 2022
· Includes a declaration of no conflict of interests by persons and organizations involved in the evaluation.

Application Requirements

Interested parties are requested to submit the following to SNV at email:
Subject: External evaluation of Beyond Finish Line Programme
• Proposal responding to the TOR, including number of work days and breakdowns per role and task area.
• Curriculum Vitae for Lead Evaluation Specialist, team members and GEDSI Specialist
• Portfolio (link to website preferred)
• Three equivalent examples of work, including references
• Proposed day rate per position and travel budget.
• Availability.

Deadline for applications is on 7th October,2022.

For more information, please email:

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