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Experts for a Saudi Arabian company

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Last update: Oct 28, 2022 Last update: Oct 28, 2022


Deadline: Oct 29, 2022 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Saudi Arabia
Job type:Contract, 12 months +
Work experience: Min 10 years
Date posted:Oct 27, 2022


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In order to respond to a tender from the Saudi government.

A Saudi company would like to hire 4 experts specialized in the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Governance of international committes
  • International Committees
  • International Relations

To apply : Send your CV at the following email address -

ABOUT SIFC Consulting Company


It started as a dream and transformed into reality. Since 2002, the idea of providing management consulting through a consulting entity has been proposed, with the aim of transferring knowledge and administrative experiences and benefiting from them to enhance employees' administrative positivity. Then, in 2015, it began to develop as a genuine entity, from which the Office of Smart Innovations' licence, Management Consulting No. (11952), was extracted to start the trip toward success. However, the ambitions do not end there. To be a competitive entity, the accumulated experience must be put to use. A company that competes with its counterparts must invest 21 years of experience, and this is what happened in 2019 And now it is flying alongside other similarly qualified businesses to support a nation that has given it much and is still doing so. It is also helping to realise the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision, but we won't stop there, our ambitions are quite high.


The ideal house of expertise to provide professional consultancy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


A Saudi company that provides consultations, studies and research to all industries, assisting them in improving their performance and achieving their objectives via the use of a distinguished team of specialists and local and global professional competencies.


Improving institutional operations to keep up with advancements around the world.

Assessing administrative weaknesses and improving business and institutional performance.

Increasing the standard of quality in accordance with global standards.

Preparing scientific research and studies in the fields of administration and leadership.

Making a positive difference in the institutions' and businesses' ability to achieve profitability.



Balancing between demands on time and resources to achieve the best results.

Balancing costs and time to achieve the best outcomes.

Team spirit:

Work as a cohesive team that supports and cares for one another.

Institutional work:

Work in accordance with the administrative guidelines and principles.

Scientific Methodology:

Organized work based on studies and research.

Customer trust:

Recognising the beneficiary's importance, showing them respect, and earning their trust