Hydraulics Specialist / Deputy Team Leader /Chief Design Engineer- National

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Last update: Jan 24, 2023 Last update: Jan 24, 2023


Deadline: Jan 31, 2023 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Pakistan Pakistan
Organization: MM Pakistan Pvt Ltd
Sectors: Civil Engineering, Water & Sanitation, Programme & Resource Management, Agriculture Civil Engineering, Water & Sanitation, Programme & Resource Management, Agriculture
Job type: Contract, 12 months +
Urdu, English Urdu, English
Work experience: From 15 years
Date posted: Jan 24, 2023
Expected starting date: Apr 17, 2023


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Position: Hydraulics Specialist / Deputy Team Leader /Chief Design Engineer 

General Qualification: Master’s degree in hydraulic engineering with Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from recognized university.

Project Related Experience: 15 years of national work experience in hydraulic structures design of large dams’ projects and Irrigation infrastructure development. The applicant shall have worked as a Deputy Team Leader on dam projects for a period of 5 years.

Overseas/Country Experience: 3 years of work experience on similar dam Projects in Asia.

Project Background: 

The Government of Pakistan requested a project readiness financing (PRF) from ADB to prepare the Naulong Integrated Water Resources Development Project (the ensuing investment project). The ensuing investment project comprises a 57-meter-high zoned earthfilled main dam, a 54-meter-high auxiliary dam with similar zoned configuration, an orifice gated spillway structure, a fuse plug embankment, a tunnel, two powerhouses, and an irrigation scheme with 2 main canals. Ninety Million cubic meters (MCM)of water will be provided to a new command area of 10,927 ha on the right side of the river and 80 MCM for irrigating 8,094 ha on the left side including availability of water for drinking purpose of the local population.

The key objectives of the assignment is to (a) review the overall agriculture development and irrigation management plan; (b) climate change impact evaluation and the hydrology review which could have impact on the reservoir and spillway sizing and changes of the model of command area development approaches; and (c) review and update the existing DED. The DED update shall be based on (a) all the technical aspects using international best practices for the design of high dams and hydropower plants including respective electromechanical equipment and power evacuation substation and transmission lines following the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) guidelines; (b) design of new, upgraded, and remodeled irrigation system with improved technologies and practices in command area development; and (c) design of all other Project allied facilities. The survey and investigation data shall meet the DED requirements to calculate all the quantities with maximum accuracy as per site conditions to prepare the Bill of Quantities for the bidding documents for works contracts. FIDIC’s red book or similar contract as appropriate shall be used. ADB standard bid document for supply of goods and goods/equipment may be used. The decision for type of contract to be used shall be decided based on the procurement strategy that shall be developed as part of scope of PRF. The Updated DED shall cover sufficient details required for the preparation of drawings and technical specifications to prepare comprehensive bidding documents. In addition, the assignment will facilitate (i) preparation of strategic procurement planning to develop a procurement plan for the ensuing Project; (ii) Project approval; (iii) enhance procurement readiness; (iv) carrying out Procurement process for Project Works (v) compliances with environmental and social safeguards; and (vi) ensure Project remains technically, economically, financially, institutionally relevant, viable and sustainable after the updated DED. Experience and lessons learned from implementation of other Projects of WAPDA will be drawn and incorporated in the detailed design

Job Description: 1. Coordinate and manage team activities to ensure full compliance with the TOR and delivery of quality outputs in a timely manner; 2. Assist Team Leader in keeping Liaison with WAPDA, ADB, Government of Balochistan, executing and implementing agencies, and other authorities as required; 3. Lead the survey and investigation works in close collaboration with Dam Specialist and Geotechnical Specialist to ensure that the survey and investigation outputs fully meet the requirement of the design criteria; 4. Review and finalize the hydraulic design of all major structures of the project; 5. Coordinate and guide being the Chief Engineer Design for the f review and validation of the Design Criteria; 6. Carryout and supervise all the hydraulic design of Irrigation infrastructures; 7. Lead the team in finalizing the design parameters, concept design and the final design. 8. Ensure findings of the physical model study is incorporated in the design; 9. Close coordination with the Reports and Documents Engineer on the timely issuance of all the reports; and 10. Review of Bidding Documents with special reference of estimation of quantities and bidding Drawings.

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