Project Manager

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Last update: Jan 26, 2023 Last update: Jan 26, 2023


Deadline: Feb 3, 2023 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Tunisia Tunisia
Job type: Contract, 4 to 12 months
French, Italian French, Italian
Work experience: From 2 years
Date posted: Jan 26, 2023
Expected starting date: As soon as possible


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Availability: as soon as possible

Destination: Tunisia.

Project Title: ProAgro: Appoggio allo sviluppo di microimprese agroalimentari sostenibili e creazione di opportunità di impiego in zone svantaggiate della Tunisia

Duration: 6 months, with possible extentions

Type of contract: Full-time

Languages: French, minimum fluent-C1 and Italian

The ICU – INSTITUTE FOR UNIVERSITY COOPERATION is a non-governmental organization that carries out development cooperation projects in different countries of the South of the world and promotes information and education initiatives on issues of international solidarity.

Founded in 1966, the ICU aims to promote the development of culture and science at the international level at the service of man. This aim can be summarized in a twofold and interdependent action of:

Human and social development in the least industrialised or transition countries through international cooperation programmes, with particular attention to training;

To spread a culture of development cooperation understood as the integral promotion of human dignity.

Since 2014, the ICU operates in Tunisia implementing several projects in the field of environmental protection, renewable energy and agro – entrepreneurial development.

In particular, from 2019 ICU has in course the plan “ProAgro: Support for the development of sustainable agri-food micro-enterprises and creation of employment opportunities in disadvantaged areas of Tunisia”, funded by AICS, Call promoted 2018, in support of micro-enterprises in the milk, vegetable and date chains, aromatic and medicinal herbs, and olive trees, in the governorates of Beja, Kasserine, Kebili, Le Kef, Mahdia and Sidi Bouzid, which thanks to the project will have a better production, processing and marketing capacity. Currently the project has entered the 3rd and last year of implementation (end of the project scheduled for August 2023, unless extended).

ICU is looking for a Project Manager in the country.


General supervision of the activities implemented to ensure that the objectives of the project are achieved in the prescribed time frames and in the parameters of the funding received. Responsibility for overall quality and project management.
Management, direction and direct coordination of project activities in coordination with partners and local stakeholders.
Selection and management of local staff, supervision and monitoring of their work.
Meetings with staff to explain the characteristics of the project, assign tasks and responsibilities, outline the work plan.
Timely budget management and accountability regarding the transparency of the same: formulation of first monthly notes, identification of the economic and financial commitments necessary for the implementation of the project, collection of the necessary offers according to the disciplinary reference for the management of the purchases, execution and authorization of the purchases of equipments and equipment previewed;
Management and accountability of bank accounts on site related to the project;
Formulation of project management documents and regular transmission to NGO headquarters: Operational planning and updates, Quarterly planning of on-site funds transfers, Monthly progress of activities in the reference country and related expenses, interim and final reports and respective statements according to the rules of the lender;
Coordination with relevant stakeholders (partners, beneficiaries, relevant ministries, relevant international bodies, etc.) and with working groups in the sector;
Elaboration of the informative material.
Need assessment and elaboration of new project proposals agreed with the Italian headquarters of the NGO.


Degree required. Priority will be given to a degree in cooperation, international relations and economics.

Experience in the field: at least 2 years, preferably in the MENA area and on projects in support of small and medium enterprises.

Experience in the management of projects financed by AICS – Bando Promossi will be a preferential element

Experience in administrative management and logistics performed firsthand.

Experience and familiarity with European PRAG procedures will be preferential.

Excellent knowledge of French.

Strong organizational capacity for simultaneous management of different groups of articulated activities.

Excellent relations with different stakeholders and diverse institutional actors.

Ability to manage human and financial resources to achieve the objectives on time and without overexpending