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Slope Stabilization Specialist

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Last update: Apr 4, 2024 Last update: Apr 4, 2024


Deadline: Apr 30, 2024
Location: Nepal
Job type:Contract, 12 months +
Work experience: Min 15 years
Date posted:Apr 4, 2024
Expected starting date:As soon as possible


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Slope Stabilization Specialist

Work scope:

The job description of the Slope Stabilization Specialist will include, however not necessarily limited to, the following:

ü  Carry out situation analysis based on available information on destabilized slopes and landslides; '

ü  Perform stability analysis of slope;

ü  Look out for possible triggers of slope instability along the alignment;

ü  Perform analyses for design of slope stabilization systems;

ü  Assess the requirement of terrain specific slope protection measures in cut and fill sections;

ü  Identify slope protection with slope mesh and other mesh protection systems;

ü  Identify slope protection with anchoring including rock and soil anchors;

ü  Identify slope protection with soil nailing system;

ü  Assess the ground modifications required in slope stabilization work;

ü  Carry out design of slope stability structures with above mentioned slope stability techniques;

ü  Carry out design of landslide stabilization structures based on situation analysis and other relevant information;

ü  Prepares specifications and detail estimates of slope stability structures.

Perform other related duties as required.

There will be an interview with Client once the CV is accepted.

Thanks for your attention.

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