Team Leader - Support the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Guinea-bissau in Drafting Programming Documents in the Health Sector

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Last update: Feb 23, 2024 Last update: Feb 23, 2024


Deadline: Feb 26, 2024 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Guinea-Bissau
Job type:Contract, up to 4 months
English, PortugueseEnglish, Portuguese
Work experience: Min 12 years
Date posted:Feb 22, 2024
Expected starting date:Mar 18, 2024


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Feb 22, 2024


Under the SEA LOT 13 FWC, we have received the request: Support the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Guinea-Bissau in drafting programming documents in the Health Sector

We are currently looking for profiles to create a team of experts to carry out this project

  • Team Leader (Category I): Equivalent to or above a master's degree (or relevant professional experience equivalent). 
    • General professional experience
      • At least 12 years of professional experience in the health sector
      • Proven multi-year experience in elaborating and drafting project documents in the area of public health.
    • Specific professional experience
      • Successfully completed formulation of at least 1 Action Document following the INTPA or DG NEAR format.
      • Sound experience in the following areas: health management and health care delivery, health policy, health economics, health financing, analysis of health statistical data, implementation of public health programs in fragile countries.
      • Familiar with EU procedures and the Project Cycle Management guidelines.
      • A sound understanding of the quality review mechanisms and tools at DG INTPA is a strong asset.
      • Ability to draft official and technical documents to a high standard, and compliant with EU corporate style, will be essential.
      • Previous work experience in West Africa, and possibly in Guinea Bissau, is a strong asset.
    • Language skills and others
      • Level of expertise in English (language of the contract and deliverables) of at least C1.
      • Level of Portuguese must be at least B2.
      • Knowledge of Creole will be a strong asset.

I attach the ToR and the CV template so that you can review the project in greater detail.

If you are interested in this offer, do not hesitate to contact us.