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Legal Coordinator – Pilot Anti-Corruption Complaint Mechanism (PACCM) Program

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Last update: Apr 22, 2024 Last update: Apr 22, 2024


Deadline: May 10, 2024 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: El Salvador
Job type:Contract, 12 months +
English, Spanish English, Spanish
Work experience:Min 5 years
Date posted: Apr 19, 2024


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Legal Coordinator– “Pilot Anti-Corruption Complaint Mechanism (PACCM) Program” – El Salvador

For 30 years, and through our work in more than 100 countries, the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) has sought to strengthen legal institutions, support legal professionals, foster respect for human rights, and advance public understanding of the law and citizen rights. In collaboration with government agencies, the judiciary, lawyers, bar associations, legislatures, and civil society, we design programs that are responsive to local needs and that prioritize sustainable solutions to pressing rule of law challenges.

Project Background

The “Pilot Anti-Corruption Complaint Mechanism (PACCM) Program” Project will work to establish and promote an effective and safe platform for receiving, developing, and referring cases to civil society, independent institutions that play a key role in the fight against corruption, and host country institutions, and to provide citizen education and ultimately reduce corruption-related impunity in El Salvador. The Project will work with complainants to submit information through the appropriate host country mechanisms in El Salvador and monitor and track action, or lack thereof, on that information through each system.

Job Summary: The Legal Coordinator will lead the administrative and programmatic oversight

necessary for the successful implementation of the technical objectives of the Pilot Anti-Corruption Complaint Mechanism (PACCM) Program, including validating the legality of complaints submitted to the platform. This position will be based out of San Salvador, El Salvador.


• Responsible for managing all legal aspects related to carrying out each component of the Project;

• Provides technical advice and support regarding each of the program goals, components, and activities.

• Keeps flow of information from programs updated so as to permit the timely completion of analyses and reports;

• Assists in drafting public-facing reports and publications to highlight the project, as needed;

• Leads legal analysts in following up on complaints and cases;

• Collaborates with partners and local authorities to ensure that project and operations are compliant with local laws, ABA policies and donor laws and regulations;

• Coordinates and communicates with the Program Director, field-based colleagues, and with ABA ROLI HQ and its counterparts;

• Provides logistical and administrative support to the Project;

Completes all activities related to the position, as well as those indicated by the Program Director and ABA ROLI HQ.

Basic qualifications

• Degree in Law (LL.B, LL.M, or related degree) with a minimum of five years’ relevant experience;

• Understanding of the anti-corruption system in El Salvador and specifically anti-corruption efforts;

• Expertise in international law related to corruption;

• Analytical skills and capacity to identify cases of corruption;

• Experience in drafting legal documents.

• Experience managing institutional work relationships with representatives of the government, national politicians, and representatives of civil society;

• Experience in managing teams in a legal context;

• Familiarity with the digital tools (i.e., Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Office);

• Professional fluency in Spanish; Intermediate English language proficiency;

• Creative self-starter who is proactive in performing his/her assigned duties;

• Strong interpersonal skills;

• Ability to work well under pressure and as part of a team;

• Willingness to travel within the country and abroad, as needed;

• Strong commitment to rule of law principles;

Preferred qualifications

• Familiarity with relevant legal instruments in Latin America and the Caribbean;

• Experience with litigation and submitting complaints to legal authorities in the Salvadorian judicial system;

• Experience with project-based work.


To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to by May 10, 2024. Please include in the subject line the name of the position and the country you are applying for.