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Water and Sanitation Engineer for strengthening the Regulatory, Legislative and Strategic Water Framework Project in Libya

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Last update: May 17, 2024 Last update: May 17, 2024


Deadline: May 27, 2024 Deadline for applications has passed
Location: Libya
Job type:Contract, up to 4 months
Arabic, English Arabic, English
Work experience:Min 8 years
Date posted: May 17, 2024
Expected starting date: Sep 2, 2024


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The mission of this Technical Assistance (TA) consists of:

(i)    the preparation of the related studies for the improvement of the regulatory, legal, institutional, and strategic water sector framework; and

(ii)   organization and conducting  water strategy forum which is mentioned in the second component, the forum recommend to be attended by all those involved in attending  the all sectors and the international partners

(iii)  the preparation of the country’s Environmental and Social System Assessment (hereafter, SESSA) report and the E&S section of the new water policy in order to ensure that the project will manage environmental risks and impacts in accordance with the requirements of national legislation and the requirements of the Integrated Safeguard System (ISS) of the African Development Bank (hereafter, the Bank or AfDB).

The outputs of the assignment shall be endorsed by the Executive Agency of the Project, the Ministry of Water Resources (MOWR) and will be submitted to the Bank for review and clearance then publicly disclosed.


The specific tasks to meet the objectives of this TA will revolve around the following key pillars:

A.    Conducting the Assessment of the water governance framework

B.    Conducting the ESSA

C.    Development of the recommendation’s report, Draft of the New Water Policy and the Roadmap for a New Water Strategy

D.    Preparing and organizing the training on water sector governance, monitoring and evaluation

E.    Organizing and conducting the Water Strategic Forum

1.                  KEY STAFF COMPETENCES

1.1.         For the purpose of the assignment, the TA will mobilize a coherent, dynamic and organized professional team. All personnel shall be appropriately qualified and should possess sufficient professional experience. The firm shall provide a schedule showing the planned person-months to accomplish the assignment.

1.2.         The TA may propose a mix of staff, with the below mentioned qualifications, and any others as they deem necessary to effectively accomplish the assignment. A gender balance in the TA team will be considered an advantage. Minimum staff and requirements for the TA team are described in the table here below. For the sake of the assignment, it is recommended that the TA collaborate and count with local staff if possible.


Water and Sanitation Engineer


Water and Sanitation


Masters, DEA / DESS or any other equivalent university degree in Water Engineering, Civil Engineering, Sanitation Engineering or related discipline

Profesional Experience

At least eight (8) years of proven professional experience in water and sanitation sector

Other knowledge & Experience

Good knowledge of good governance aspects of the water sector and solid experience in sector governance analysis.

Sound experience in strategic analysis in the water and sanitation sector.

Knowledge of the country's sectorial framework is mandatory

Working experience in the water sector in Libya is mandatory

Other skills

Ability to work in both English and Arabic languages

Be results-oriented, able to work in a team - the incumbent should be a meticulous, detail-oriented analyst and an excellent writer.

Estimate time input (person-months)