Catalina Russu
Catalina Russu
Cătălina is an experienced journalist at DevelopmentAid with a demonstrated history of covering international development topics. She writes for the Experts’ Opinions column and covers a series of subjects, including the labor market, human rights, health, and finance. Before joining DevelopmentAid, she worked in television, strengthening important skills like: curiosity and attention to details.


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Is monkeypox the next big pand
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The main issues of gender ineq
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Will the Taliban rule be diffe
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Why has it been relatively eas
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The America’s withdrawal from
Why I left a permanent job for
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Why I left a permanent job for
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How will Bill and Melinda Gate
Are agricultural protests in I
Are developing countries ready
Should we prepare for a double
What does the minimum wage ach
Vaccine passports: an infringe
Auditing during COVID-19. New
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Luxembourg seeks breakthrough
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In which international develop
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US-China tensions and how they
The impact of the pandemic on
Charities fall victim to the f
Health procurement and rise of
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