Ana Benoliel Coutinho
Ana Benoliel Coutinho
Ana combines knowledge in natural, social, and political sciences which allows her to easily navigate in cross-cutting issues related to the environment, agriculture, food systems, and rural development. Ana can provide a thorough analysis of the above-mentioned issues, while at the same time passing an accurate idea and message of each actor concerned.
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Rebuilding soil to cultivate o
Food Security in times of conf
Farmer to farmer extension ser
Growing food alongside nature
Saving seeds for food and deve
Increased autonomy to improve
Geographic Indication to promo
Farmers’ shop in Kyrgyzstan ca
‘Cow on a balcony’ – a busines
Agroecological pathways to dev
World Soil Day: restoring soil
School farms: mobilising educa
Land use for better production
Biosafety expert urges on-farm
Nature’s services to increase
Investing in public goods - a
UN Food Systems Summit needs w
Nomadic pastoralism in Kyrgyzs
Youth skills: empowering young
Agroecology financing: breakin
EU’s Common Agricultural Polic
Agro-silvo-pastoralism turns l
Food hub: a business model str
Lynne Davis: food sovereignty
Rwanda – kitchen gardens as so
Ecosystem-based approach to ad
World Bee Day: how to ‘bee eng
Agroecology – a solution to wo
Diversified farming phases out
Economics of externalities: Is
Mariana Seremet: FAO’s agricul
UK charity suggests establishi
Responsible banking principles
Climate sound agriculture help
Making peace with nature - cal
Producers of 70% of world’s fo
Empowering small-scale farmers
Favouring short supply chains
UK seeks deregulating gene-edi
Get big or get out: exterminat
Integration of farmers’ knowle
Impartiality of UN Food System
Preserving environment is a ma
Water provision: an unnoticed
Indebtedness and dependency: t
Pesticides: an element of deve
Empowering women in agricultur
Indian Farmers Movement agains
Can high yields today ensure o
Defining agroecology: why shou
Defining agroecology: a broad
Energy-smart agricultural syst
Re-evaluating rural people as
Agroecology: an opportunity fo