Largest contractors in water and sanitation sector

By Olga Sajin

Largest contractors in water and sanitation sector

Billions of people still lack access to safely managed water supply, sanitation, and hygiene facilities despite the substantial funding and noticeable advances related to the Sustainable Development Agenda. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of people are engaged in improving access to clean water and safe sanitation facilities. DevelopmentAid has put together a list of those we believe are the biggest contractors in the water and sanitation sector in terms of budget, estimated impact, and number of employees.

Today, we offer you the Top 10 organizations in the water and sanitation sector that are committed to address the issues thereby offering creative solutions that will last for generations to come. These organizations are working to change people’s lives by offering them equitable access to water and sanitation.

Top 10 organizations in water and sanitation services

Source: reports and public data

Louis Berger International

As a company that remains alert and flexible to market challenges, Louis Berger International, part of the WSP group, has a presence in water-related environmental issues among many other services within its portfolio. The firm’s experts strive for innovation and quality to deliver water expertise to clients all over the world, from water quality improvements in Florida to flood management in towns across the UK. The WSP group was awarded the “Most Sustainable Company in the Engineering Industry” in 2020 to highlight its longstanding commitment to accelerate meaningful impacts for communities and the environment.


Committed to take a leading position in driving impact and growth, AFRY is an international engineering, design, and advisory company that operates across the world to create sustainable solutions for future generations. AFRY focuses on providing clean water for growing cities and ensuring effective wastewater management. The company is currently involved in designing and supervising the construction of wastewater treatment plants to serve the equivalent of a five million population as well as developing and renovating water and supply networks.

Mott MacDonald

As a company seeking to integrate sustainable development solutions by adopting a comprehensive approach, Mott MacDonald has succeeded in developing a global network of experts able to change people’s future. Mott MacDonald delivers projects related to water supply, wastewater recycling, and water management among a wide range of services within its expert portfolio.

Royal HaskoningDHV (former SSI Engineers & Environmental Consultants)

Royal HaskoningDHV is working to deliver lasting and potentially far-reaching impacts through innovation and technology. The company was responsible for rebuilding the largest plant in Utrecht, the Netherlands so that it became 30% more energy efficient which brought the company the Global Water Award for Wastewater Project of the Year. Another ambitious project of the company relates to its collaboration with 16 municipalities, local authorities, and the energy network operator from West-Brabant in the Netherlands to cut CO2 emissions by 49% in 2030.

Aguas de Portugal

Inequalities in accessing water and sanitation services, rapid urbanisation and population growth, pollution, and the repercussions of climate change have stimulated a huge demand for more intensive water usage. Aguas de Portugal develops, invests in, and operates water and wastewater assets in Portugal providing services to around 80% of the country’s population. In 2020, Aguas de Portugal succeeded in securing a total volume of water of 597.2 million m3 and treated more than 518 million m3 of wastewater.

Setec Hidrobrasileira Engenharia e Obras Ltda.

The proven quality and reliable performance of Setec in the water and sanitation sector has strengthened its position as one of the main consulting and engineering design companies in Brazil and a dependable partner on the international landscape. One of the company’s ambitious projects involves ensuring a sufficient water supply to around 12 million inhabitants of 390 municipalities in the Brazilian hinterland regions of Pernambuco, Ceará, Paraíba, and Rio Grande do Norte by 2025.

EPTISA Servicios de Ingenieria S.L.

Eptisa offers extensive experience in hydraulic infrastructure in both Spain and the international market. The company’s contribution includes the development and improvement of infrastructure by collaborating with town councils and municipal water supply utility companies to improve urban service management. Almost 40% of Eptisa’s activities are dedicated to water and environment projects. The company continues to widen its area of expertise and experience in water treatment plant facilities which covers the entire water treatment cycle from the design to the maintenance of treatment systems.


Despite the consequences and restrictions generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Witteveen+Bos has succeeded in identifying a creative approach to its own working process as an entity and effective solutions to challenging societal issues including high-quality drinking and wastewater treatment projects. The company’s experts offer expertise gathered over 40 years in biological wastewater and sludge treatment as well as wastewater purification to enable the reuse of or improvement to surface water quality. Witteveen+Bos are committed to ensuring a sufficient and reliable supply of drinking water in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

HMV Ingenieros

The HMV Ingenieros strategic approach relies on innovation and cutting-edge technologies to provide sustainable development solutions. The company strives to execute a portfolio of projects and penetrate foreign markets. HMV ‘s contribution to the development and well-functioning of a water treatment plant in Columbia has strengthened its position as an important player in the water and sanitation sector. Relying on experience gained since 1960, HMV has a strong track record in delivering projects to its clients, consumers, and the environment.

BRL Ingenierie

One of the main market players involved in providing water supply and wastewater sanitation services, BRL Ingenierie brings to bear a holistic approach aimed at ensuring high-quality services to its consumers, protecting water resources, and preserving public health. Projects relating to water distribution account for more than half of its annual turnover. The company distributes over 100 m3 of renewable water supplies per year, offers access to secured drinking water supplies to almost one million people, and access to water to several thousand agricultural, industrial, private, and community customers.

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