UN and partners help with response coordination in Haiti

By Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

UN and partners help with response coordination in Haiti

OCHA reports that under the leadership of the Government, national and international humanitarian partners are scaling up multisectoral response efforts in all quake-affected areas.

As of 21 August, the death toll has risen to 2,207 people. More than 12,200 people have been injured, with more than 340 missing. Figures continue to rise, with search-and-rescue teams on the ground.

The number of critically injured people continues to grow, stretching the already limited health system’s capacity.

Many of those who have survived the quake now find themselves homeless, without access to safe water or sanitation, and at greater risk of violence and abuse, including gender-based violence, amid protection concerns.

Meanwhile, tension is mounting on the ground as aid trickles into the hardest-hit communities. The Government is looking to increase the frequency of humanitarian convoys and to step up security measures.

Despite negotiations for a humanitarian corridor, access constraints and insecurity remain key challenges.

Additional human and financial resources are needed to respond to the crisis, with organizations stretched thin from responding to multiple simultaneous crises in the country.