CV tailoring – one big step towards landing your dream job

ByCatalina Russu

CV tailoring – one big step towards landing your dream job

We live in a world that demands everything is done with incredible speed. Speed, however, doesn’t always mean quality or the best results. Applying for a job follows a similar pattern – the opportunity window is sometimes very narrow and therefore a candidate might submit a CV randomly. However, being the first application to land in a recruiter’s inbox does not ensure that it will be shortlisted. Tailoring a CV is crucial if you want to stand out from the competition. It shows recruiters you’re interested in the job and also highlights your skills and experience in a way that proves you are suitable for that particular position. Can you keep a secret? Well, it also reduces the time a recruiter takes to pinpoint the relevant experience you have among the raft of other data your resume contains.

For 13 years, DevelopmentAid has been the best ally to help experts from every continent to land a job in the international development sector. Among the many services the platform provides, CV tailoring is just one that helps professionals to be shortlisted and accepted for a job or a project thanks to a well-written resume.

Keziah Adhiambo is a Kenyan environmental safeguards specialist with several years of progressive experience in a very narrow field. He is capable of defining and implementing strategies to assess and manage environmental, health, safety, social, and governance (EHS/ESG) risks for projects (including large infrastructure) in the East African region. He is one of the DevelopmentAid member experts who decided to use the CV tailoring service.

“I had my CV tailored because I made up my mind to seek job opportunities with international organizations. Having my CV in a proper format was my first step. I benefited first by having my CV look so focused, elaborate, and professional. I read the final version and I felt like an executive,” remembers Adhiambo.

Thanks to CV tailoring, he has been shortlisted for several interviews and feels much closer to accomplishing his dreams.

“Since I started using the service, I have been shortlisted for interviews with several international organizations including UN bodies, the World Bank…these are some of my dream employers. I have not landed my dream job yet but I know I’m closer to it than when I had my ordinary CV. My colleagues ask me how I get shortlisted because they have submitted applications to these organizations for years and never get shortlisted. The secret is the CV,” says the DevelopmentAid expert.

CV tailoring is necessary when applying for a job in order to emphasize possession of the key requirements for the position. While anyone could tailor his/her CV on their own, Keziah Adhiambo says there is a huge difference between doing that and choosing professionals to do it. Moreover, it is a real-time saving tool, says Adhiambo.

“The difference between the professionally done CV and the one adjusted by myself is so huge. A CV done by professionals is more focused and elaborate. It’s a better marketing tool than the one I did by myself. If you haven’t tailored your CV yet, please do. It is a great marketing tool, you will not regret,” added Keziah Adhiambo.