Best practices to recruit international experts for donor funded projects | Invitation to a Webinar

By Ion Ilasco

Best practices to recruit international experts for donor funded projects  | Invitation to a Webinar

The international donor-funded market is constantly seeking individuals who possess expertise in various areas and are capable of developing and implementing complex projects. As this sector has strict boundaries and a unique recruitment process, only a limited number of professionals are able to access it. This in turn leads to a disproportion in the balance of demand and supply. Furthermore, the ongoing pandemic crisis had amplified this imbalance making the recruitment process even more challenging.

DevelopmentAid, as the leading provider of recruitment solutions in the development sector, invites you to join an exclusive webinar, Best Practices to Recruit International Experts for Donor Funded Projects, to learn about efficient and innovative recruitment practices that you can employ even in crisis situations.

The international aid sector is comprised of different stakeholders such as multilateral/bilateral donors, nonprofit organizations, and business entities. All of these battle to attract the best experts either for permanent positions or temporary assignments. Some organizations use their internal recruiting capacities while others use external providers. In either case, engaging suitable experts requires careful planning and involves employing pragmatic strategies and offering attractive benefits.

The ongoing pandemic crisis had severely disrupted the conventional recruitment procedures applied in the development sector. The demand for professionals has grown in the last few years but the number of experts who are available or prepared to relocate has decreased. Some have decided to take a step back to wait for things to calm down while others have been limited by internal/external travel restrictions. As a consequence, new recruiting systems and procedures have been developed that allow recruiters to employ experts even in the most difficult of times.

Another challenge that recruiters are currently facing is in determining the correct methodologies to calculate experts’ remuneration. One common question is – “How do we establish a reasonable fee to pay an expert?” so DevelopmentAid has come up with a unique solution to this issue that will be presented during the webinar.

Invitation to a Webinar

DevelopmentAid invites you to attend the webinar, Best Practices to Recruit International Experts for Donor Funded Projects, which will take place on 17 February 2022 at 4 pm (Brussels) / 10 am (Washington DC).

Speaker: Ben Symonds, Managing Director at Symonds Recruiting

Ben Symonds is the Managing Director at Symonds Recruiting. He has worked in recruitment for nearly 10 years specializing in the international development and public policy sectors, working with some of the most successful companies on the market (DAI, ICF). Ben has worked on bids and projects funded by the UK Government, the European Commission, the World Bank, and many others and has leadership experience inside a $1bn+ NASDAQ listed company. Moreover, he provides recruitment training that helps companies to improve their skills with regards to the recruiting cycle.

Speaker: Marina Olari, Senior Client Manager with Recruitment Services Department, DevelopmentAid

Marina Olari is a Senior Client Manager at DRS. She has a valuable track record of developing and sustaining relationships with institutional partners and initiating and maintaining strategic partnerships with NGOs, funders, and international organizations. She offers administrative support for DRS clients such as Save the Children, INTERSOS, the European Institute of Peace, and Friends in Global Health among others to ensure high-quality recruitment support that helps clients to grow their teams and impact the world.

Speaker: Sergiu Casu, Head of Business Development, DevelopmentAid

Sergiu Casu joined DevelopmentAid in 2010 and led its remarkable growth from a three-person start-up to over 200 employees today. In 2017, DevelopmentAid became the world’s leading information service provider in the field of international development. Prior to joining DevelopmentAid, Sergiu worked for multiple international organizations and government institutions as well as in the private sector. During his career, Sergiu has visited over 30 countries for business-related activities. He speaks four languages fluently: English, Russian, Romanian and Italian.

Host: Ion Ilasco, External Relations & Events at DevelopmentAid



During the webinar, attendees will learn about efficient and innovative practices to recruit experts for donor-funded projects. Moreover, DevelopmentAid will introduce its latest feature that can help recruiters to determine reasonable fees to pay the experts.

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