Looking for a CEO? The Executive Search service will definitely make this task easier!

ByNatalia Turcan

Looking for a CEO? The Executive Search service will definitely make this task easier!

Experienced recruitment officers know how hard it is to spot and headhunt a qualified Chief Executive Officer. With only a few candidates available and tough competition, securing a professional to run your business might be a challenge but where there is a challenge, there is an opportunity. The Executive Search service offered by DevelopmentAid Recruitment Solutions (DRS) has helped many businesses to find their senior managers and will help you to find exactly the right person for that crucial role within your company.

What does this service offer you?

The Executive Search is an end-to-end recruitment solution where DRS holds the duty of care for the candidate right up until they receive a contract offer.

This service usually involves high profile, mid/senior-level permanent positions (we recruit top talent at ‘C’ level CFO, CEO, CIO, etc.).

Moreover, we undertake performance-based interviews and check references to make sure you hire the best professional.

Why is the Executive Search service convenient?

Our team is made up of a group of specialists who are trained to look for the qualities that will not only align with your business targets but also fit the environment of your company. They also take great care to find out certain specific information about their clients so that any newly hired person will share the same values and mission as the company they are invited to work for.

Another important aspect of the Executive Search service is that we search for professionals who have already demonstrated their abilities and we focus on choosing between the most appropriate candidates for your vacancy.

If you already have access to the DevelopmentAid database, you might ask yourself, Why would I need to use an executive search service? Well, here is the answer.

With DRS, your company can source candidates from an exclusive database of 55,000+ professionals. You will also benefit from the guidance and advice of our multilingual recruiters who have an in-depth understanding of and broad experience in the development cooperation sector.

As this is a complete service, we can bring you a better result more quickly giving you more time for other important strategic issues such as tender preparations, budget alignments, etc.

We collaborate with non-profit organizations, consulting and engineering firms, financial institutions, and also framework contractors.

As an indication of the level of quality we offer, we have successfully placed over 1,700 candidates in senior and medium-level management roles during our 15+ years’ experience in the field.

Sabina Bodea is a talent manager at Simprints, a non-profit tech start-up who approached DRS to fill two important positions – Chief Delivery Officer and Vice President of Operations. Here is the feedback that Sabina Bodea sent us:

“We have been collaborating with DRS for the past two years. Their professionalism, support, and level of understanding of our needs have been very high and consistent throughout all the processes that they helped us with. They have helped us fill our first Executive vacancy role that we had in the company since it was created and also another vital role, the Director of Operations, which we had been struggling to fill! We are thrilled with the people we found, and that is thanks to the DRS team! Our Chief Delivery Officer has now been with us for about a year and we are extremely grateful to have him on board!”

Executive Search is an important service that can help you to find the most appropriate person for senior, executive, and highly-specialized roles. The value of this service is in matching the candidates with the client’s needs and the specific business environment. By doing so, we ourselves can contribute to the development of the companies we collaborate with and the projects that are meant to make the world better.

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To get in touch with us for more details or to request this service, you can visit our website, the recruitment section here – https://drs.developmentaid.org – or send us an email to drs@developmentaid.org. Subscribe and follow the DRS and DevelopmentAid Facebook and LinkedIn pages.