Poland, Romania and Moldova report over 137,000 Ukrainian refugees in a single day

BySergiu Ipatii

Poland, Romania and Moldova report over 137,000 Ukrainian refugees in a single day

More than 137,000 Ukrainians left their country for Poland, Romania, and the Republic of Moldova on March 3. Data offered by the authorities of the three countries suggest increased traffic on most of the border crossing points with war-torn Ukraine.

In Poland, over 99,000 Ukrainian citizens arrived on March 3. The Polish Border Guard announced that as many as 672,500 travelers and asylum-seekers from Ukraine crossed the border since February 24, when Russia attacked the neighboring country.

Romania, who shares over 600 kilometers of border with Ukraine, was destination for over 28,500 Ukrainian travelers and asylum-seekers on March 3 – a 10%-increase compared to the previous day. Romanian Border Police stated that the majority of Ukrainians came from Moldova – 16,586 people, while the traffic from Ukraine itself encountered almost 10,000 entries. Since the beginning of the conflict, over 167,000 Ukrainians entered Romania. However, only 58,000 still remain in the country, while others left for other EU countries.

Despite being one of the poorest countries in Europe, the Republic of Moldova continues to welcome travelers and asylum seekers from neighboring Ukraine. The country’s Border Police reported over 9,000 crossings of the Ukrainian segment of the border during March 3. In the same period of time, nearly 8,000 Ukrainians left the country. Since the armed conflict was unleashed by Russia on February 24, over 155,000 Ukrainians entered Moldova. The majority has since left for Romania and the EU, while more than 60,000 still remain in the country.

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