Yemen: International community’s credibility is at stake

By Norwegian Refugee Council

Yemen: International community’s credibility is at stake

While the warring parties have been attacking and destroying civilian life with impunity, the international community has looked on, and even poured fuel on the fire, with no respite for the Yemeni people.

Attacks on civilians have almost doubled since the United Nations accountability body monitoring civilian casualties and attacks against civilian infrastructure was dismantled last October. Almost one civilian was killed or injured every hour in January, the highest civilian casualty figures in years.

NRC is entering the eighth year in which more civilians will be killed with impunity unless a monitoring mechanism is put in place. NRC entering another year in which millions of children struggle to sleep at night, suffering extreme hunger, unless funding is stepped up immediately.

For the sake of these millions of families, the organization urges the international community not only to provide much-needed humanitarian funding but also to urgently pressure the warring parties to stop the madness. Civilians are bearing the brunt of this conflict and of the world’s indifference. The international community’s credibility is at stake.