Tajikistan receives food aid in support of WFP’s school feeding programme

By World Food Programme

Tajikistan receives food aid in support of WFP’s school feeding programme

A batch of food aid – 948.5 mt of fortified wheat flour – procured with funding from the Russian Federation, has arrived in Tajikistan. The food will be used to prepare hot meals for school children in rural areas as part of the WFP-supported school feeding program.

“This assistance was made possible thanks to a targeted contribution by the Russian Federation to the WFP in the amount of US$ 2 million. Nutritious school meals are essential for children’s health, development, and academic success. We are pleased to support the younger generation of friendly Tajikistan,” said Russian Ambassador to Tajikistan Igor Semenovich Lyakin-Frolov.

“Through WFP’s school meals program, Tajik children, particularly those from rural, poor households, are provided with the nutrients they need to grow, learn and develop. With needs rising, especially due to COVID-19 fallouts, Tajik children and their families need continued support. We are very grateful that our efforts have been supported genereosouly by the Russian Federation,” said WFP Representative and Country Director in Tajikistan, Adham Musallam.

The School Feeding Programme is WFP’s largest operation in Tajikistan. Under the program, 50 school canteens have been repaired and equipped with modern equipment, and on the premises, nine greenhouse farms, five bakeries, and one food processing plant are now operating. Additionally, eight private bakeries have been equipped and also supplies to local schools.

This month, more food supplies, including 1,481.50 mt of wheat flour, cooking oil, and yellow peas, will arrive. Some 2,000 schools in 52 districts and cities of the country are enrolled in the school feeding program. In 2021, educational institutions in Tajikistan received almost 7,000 mt of food, benefitting 440,000 schoolchildren. Since 2013, the Russian Federation has been supporting the school feeding program in Tajikistan, with a total of US$ 82.1 million contributions, to date.