Canada announces funding for projects in Jordan

By Government of Canada

Canada announces funding for projects in Jordan

Canada has announced $25 million in development assistance funding for 5 projects in Jordan that are being distributed as follows:

Global Concessional Financing Facility: World Bank, $10 million

This will allow the Government of Jordan to access low-interest loans for critical investments in public service projects that benefit refugees and host communities in areas such as education, health, and job creation to create sustainable development outcomes.

Mitigating Climate Change Through Solid Waste Management in Southern Jordan: United Nations Development Programme, $5 million

The project aims to enhance local governance, coordination, and collaboration for integrated solid waste management among all stakeholders. It seeks to improve local waste and reusable materials infrastructure and create economic opportunities for women and youth to operate these newly added or upgraded facilities and recycle and reuse upcycling materials.

Scaling up Professional Development of Teachers: Queen Rania Teacher Academy, $5 million

This project aims to improve the quality of education in selected Jordanian public schools and refugee host communities. It will provide professional development training for public school teachers from Grades 1 to 10 in subjects such as mathematics, science, Arabic, and English. The project supports the Ministry of Education in meeting its goals regarding in-service teachers’ professional development training.

Jumpstart Project: Small Enterprise Assistance Funds, $2 million

This project supports capacity building among Jordan’s small and medium-sized enterprises and serves as a catalyst for investment capital to close the funding gap they face. It aims to improve access to quality jobs through increased job creation and the economic empowerment of women and youth.

Women’s Economic Linkages and Employment Development: World University Service of Canada, $3 million

This project aims to remove barriers to women’s access to the labor market in Salt, Irbid, and East Amman. It seeks to provide skills-based training to women working in the private health sector, find solutions to child care challenges and identify safe and affordable transportation to and from work.