13th European Conference on Ecological Restoration

13th European Conference on Ecological Restoration

📅 6- 9 September 2022
Alicante, Spain

The Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) is the professional Society of reference in the field of ecological restoration. It promotes the science, practice, and policy of ecological restoration to protect biodiversity, improve adaptation to climate change, mitigate its effects, and restore a healthy relationship between nature and society. For three decades, SER has given voice to this discipline and provided leadership in all aspects of its development. The European Chapter of the Society acquaints hundreds of experts and organizational members in 37 countries and has affiliated organizations in 6 of them.

These are crucial times for ecological restoration in Europe and globally. Ecological restoration is essential to combat climate change, protect biodiversity, and reverse desertification, and thus contribute to human well-being. The UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) and the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, can reverse the global environmental crisis, and give Anthropocene a chance. Yet, to obtain all the benefits that ecological restoration can provide and ensure a fair distribution of wealth, the world must promote its practice and strive to increase the quality of restoration programs. Bridges between science, practice, and policy must be built, based on scientific excellence, to better understand socio-ecological systems and their management.

SERE2022 represents an excellent opportunity to foster efficient reciprocal exchanges between managers, decision and policymakers, and academia across Europe. It is also the place where experts from different restoration sectors (forests, wetlands, rivers, agroecosystems, marine areas, urban environments, extractive industries, etc.) have the unusual chance to sit together and learn from each other.

There are many reasons to meet in Alicante, including high levels of biodiversity, long history of interactions between humans and nature, nice examples of socio-ecological co-evolution, the combination of land and sea, and the long history of actions to combat degradation and desertification. Last, but not least, the strong commitment of the government of the Region of Valencia and the Spanish government to ecological transition and ecological restoration.

For one week, will gather in Alicante to assess recent advances in the theory and practice of ecological restoration and discuss future priorities.

The Conference will combine the advantages of in-person and online meetings, COVID-19 permitting. Sessions will be broadcasted in streaming for those that cannot attend in-person events. The conditions to access online sessions will be announced soon.

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