GLF Africa 2022 Digital Conference | Virtual

GLF Africa 2022 Digital Conference | Virtual

đŸ“… 15 September 2022

Millions of people across Africa are facing starvation due to climate change, COVID-19, and the war in Ukraine, which are exposing the fragility of the global food system. But there’s good news: a growing movement of local communities and traditional leaders are working to restore the continent’s degraded landscapes and feed its people sustainably.

At GLF Africa 2022, meet thousands of frontline leaders from across Africa and the world who are tackling the climate and food crises head-on. Discover how healthy landscapes, equitable access to land, and shorter, greener value chains can transform the future of food and build climate resilience.

Thematic Areas

  • Sustainable finance: from markets to value chains.
    Young entrepreneurs are making waves in regenerative agriculture. How can the world work with them to build greener value chains for major commodities such as cocoa, coffee, and corn?
  • Resilient, regenerative landscapes: from restoration to agroecology. As Africa’s hunger crisis deepens, how can farmers and local communities restore the continent’s fertile landscapes to feed its people more sustainably?
  • Landscape rights: from inclusive tenure to policy change. Local people need access to natural resources to sustainably manage their land. What will it take to ensure equitable land rights for all?

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