Denmark and UNDP sign new three-year strategic partnership agreement

By United Nations Development Programme

Denmark and UNDP sign new three-year strategic partnership agreement

Denmark and UNDP entered into a new three-year Multilateral Partnership Agreement from 2023 to 2025. In making this multi-year commitment, Denmark helps ensure predictable funding for UNDP, amounting to 370 million Kroner per year between 2023-2025, with a total of 1,110 million for all three years. The agreement was signed at a joint ceremony with UNICEF, UNFPA, and UN Women, who also entered into agreements with Denmark, totaling 2.5 billion kroner for the four UN entities.

These unearmarked core resources will enable UNDP to respond quickly and flexibly to the development needs of countries affected by disasters and conflict. The agreement will see Denmark and UNDP working together on shared priorities on strengthening democratic governance, crisis, and conflict prevention. For the first time, Denmark also supports UNDP’s work on climate change, protecting nature, and increasing access to sustainable and affordable energy.

“Denmark’s enduring partnership has been key to helping UNDP respond to countries’ needs with agility and effectiveness. This generous support will go towards meeting the needs of the poorest and the most vulnerable communities, those escaping conflicts and contending with diminishing resources, rising costs of living, and dire climate impacts,” said UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner. “At a time when hard-fought development gains around the world are coming undone, we need to stand firm on multilateralism and solidarity as our guiding light out of the crisis. Co-investing in each other is the only way we can secure the green, just, and sustainable future we need.”

UNDP directs three-quarters of core funding to least developed and low-income countries, where its flexibility plays a significant role in both development and responding to crises. The agreement will support UNDP’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan, which aims to lift 100 million people to escape multidimensional poverty, 500 million people to gain access to clean energy, and 800 million people to participate in elections.

Minister for Development Cooperation H.E. Mr. Flemming Møller Mortensen said Denmark’s strategy for development cooperation “is fundamentally about solving the great challenges of our time, together with our partners, and with a particular focus on the most vulnerable places and peoples.”

“Our partnerships with the UN development system are vital in this regard,” he said. “The world needs a strong UN. We appreciate the role which each of you plays in the UN development system, as well as your efforts to achieve greater cross-cutting coherence. I look forward to our continued cooperation.”

The agreement also covers support to UNDP’s pooled and flexible Funding Windows for the Governance, Peacebuilding, Crisis and Resilience window, the Nature, Climate and Energy (NCE) window, UNDP’s Innovation Facility, and Specialist Development Programme (SDPs), Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) and Government Technical Expert Secondments.