What is the DevelopmentAid CV Broadcast Service?

By Sam Ursu

What is the DevelopmentAid CV Broadcast Service?

It used to be that a CV or a resume was simply a list of educational and professional achievements, something physical to hand over to potential employers during an interview. But these days, the job market is far more complex, and most recruiters use software tools to scan CVs in order to short-list applicants when a position opens up.

Sending out your CV to a potential employer ahead of the competition is the first and most important step in landing your next position. Long gone are the days when qualified candidates could stand passively by, waiting for an opening in your field to be announced. Instead, a more proactive approach yields results, but how do you get your CV in front of the right person (and in the right database) in order to stand out when a new position needs filling?

If you’re already a member of DevelopmentAid, then you’ll know that our job board lists thousands of unfilled positions (and if you’re not a member, sign up today) but some of the choicest positions aren’t always announced ahead of time. Instead of relying solely on a passive approach, it’s far better to reach out to hiring managers and recruiters first to ensure that you’re in the running when a new opening becomes available.

A New Way to Land the Position of Your Dreams

Of course, you could (and probably do) send out your CV manually, one by one, to all those companies and agencies that operate in your field, but that’s a long and laborious process that might yield very poor results for all that hard work. Instead of blindly sending out your resume to potential employers and hoping you get lucky, we recommend using our CV Broadcast service, especially created for professionals like you working in the international development sector.

By tapping into our vast database of donor agencies, NGOs, and companies working in the field of international development, our CV Broadcast service will get your CV in front of the hiring managers and recruiters who are the most interested in filling current and future positions that match your qualifications and experience.

With a push of a button, our CV Broadcast service will send out your CV to thousands of potential employers, reaching their inboxes and databases in 24 hours or less. And we also allow you to customize the list of recipients by sector or other filters. Our CV Broadcast service was designed from the ground up to be really simple to use and incredibly efficient.

In some cases, your CV may actually land on their desk just as they are beginning their search for a new employee. But, even if they aren’t looking to hire anyone at that moment, having your resume on hand means that you’ll be amongst the first to be considered (short-listed) when the next position becomes available.

In short, for one fixed price and with just a few clicks, you’ll get your CV in front of thousands of potential employers instead of relying solely on searching through job postings and scouring the internet for potential employers and you’ll also increase the chances of landing that great position you deserve.

💡 If you upgrade your membership to a Professional Plus account, it comes with one free CV Broadcast!


Individual consultants consider our CV Broadcast service to be one of the best investments a professional can make in furthering their career Here’s what just a few of our satisfied customers have to say:

“I have been a member of DevelopmentAid for the last three years. It is a great source for knowing about both short-term and long-term consulting opportunities in the field of international development. It makes it easy to short-list and select relevant opportunities quickly based on the information provided to members. Its CV broadcasting service is an excellent way to reach out to relevant organizations in the sector. I will be continuing my membership for years to come.”

“I have been a member of DevelopmentAid.org for more than five years. Frankly speaking, I have found DevelopmentAid.org a unique site that provides me with all available consulting services opportunities. I got the Broadcast Service for my CV immediately.”

“I have been a member of Development Aid for several years now. I never hesitate to renew my membership on an annual basis because I know that Development Aid is probably the best reference point for consultancy agencies to interact with a wide range of consultants. It has also been a really efficient conduit through which I can regularly broadcast my CV around the world. If you want to see the available jobs out there and if you want to be seen, then you have to be with DevelopmentAid!”

Landing that job of your dreams in your field of specialty is only a step away. Sign up for our CV Broadcast service today to get your CV into the hands of your next employer!