Associate Writer | State Resilience Index Launch

By Fund for Peace

Associate Writer | State Resilience Index Launch

📅 7 December 2022 🕐 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EST

For the last 17 years, the Fund for Peace has published the Fragile States Index (FSI), measuring annual pressures and shocks across the globe. Every country experiences these shocks–from pandemics to extreme weather events–and their frequency is increasing. Though we understand fragility, we need a tool to measure a country’s ability to anticipate, manage, and recover from crisis. We have created a new index to fill that gap: The State Resilience Index (SRI).

The SRI measures state-level resilience in 154 countries across seven broad societal pillars: Inclusion, Social Cohesion, Environment/Ecology, Individual Capabilities, State Capacity, Economy, and Civic Space, which in turn are broken out into 39 sub-pillars. The index stands alongside the FSI as a new tool to identify capacities and capabilities in countries under stress. Our indices work hand in hand as decision support tools and highlight key insights for planning and response.

In partnership with data analytics leader SAS, FFP has brought these two indices together to create a state-of-the-art Crisis Sensitivity Simulator (CSS). The CSS can model a country’s potential reaction to varying degrees and types of shock based on analysis of its capacities (data from the SRI) and pressures (data from the FSI). Our tools show that even the most fragile of states have factors of resilience that can be leveraged for improvement.

The Inaugural Launch event will feature a demonstration of how to access and use the SRI and CSS dashboards, as well as a panel discussion on the index, its utility, and its potential to promote a more resilient world.


  • Dr. Maleeka Glover, Interim Executive Director, Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security
  • Dr. Benjamin Valentino, Chair of the Department of Government, Dartmouth College
  • Imam Muhammad Ashafa, Co-Founder, The Interfaith Mediation Center
  • Pastor James Wuye, Co-Founder, The Interfaith Mediation Center
  • Nate Haken, Vice President for Research and Innovation, Fund for Peace

With moderation from: Don Chisholm, Director, Center for Conflict and Violence Prevention at USAID

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Closed captioning will be available through Zoom live transcription. Please note live transcription currently only supports English and the accuracy of the feature depends on many variables, such as but not limited to: background noise; volume and clarity of the speaker’s voice; speaker’s proficiency with the English language; lexicons and dialects specific to a geography or community.