Famine already present and killing tens of thousands in Somalia

By Norwegian Refugee Council

Famine already present and killing tens of thousands in Somalia

The declaration on hunger in Somalia fails to convey the extreme severity of the situation on the ground in many parts of the country. NRC is afraid this may lead the international community into further complacency.

Famine is already present and killing tens of thousands silently in Somalia. There is not enough data being collected and shared to inform the Famine Review Committee’s decision adequately. Half of the areas worst affected by the drought in the south are entirely out of the reach because of the fighting. But people can only assume the worst: those who are left behind are the most vulnerable, left with no resources or energy to flee for food and water.

“Between January and October, Somalia has had 1.7 million people displaced by drought and conflict. Lethal hunger has been allowed to spread like wildfire. It is already too late for hundreds of thousands caught in this catastrophe. When Somalia experienced famine in 2011, and more than 250,000 people died, the international community pledged ‘never again’.Yet we find ourselves once again facing catastrophe.”

NRC is in a race against time to assist millions more people whose lives have been devastated by the effects of, drought, climate change, and rising food prices. The organization needs to reach communities immediately with lifesaving aid. International donors need to step up funding for Somalia to prevent more from dying away from the world’s gaze.