USAID Procurement: Grants & Cooperative Agreements

By Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

USAID Procurement: Grants & Cooperative Agreements

πŸ“… 8 February – 12 March 2023
Registration deadline: 5 February

Effective USAID procurement is critical to project success, especially in USAID-funded assistance projects. This highly participatory workshop prepares participants to implement the right process – including the procedures, systems, ethics, and standards.

The expert facilitators will address the different considerations for procurement throughout the project lifecycle. In addition to maintaining donor compliance, participants will learn how to use procurement planning to be more efficient, more adaptable, and better manage risk.

By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Plan procurement based on programmatic needs
  • Comply with USAID requirements, including full and open competition, prior approvals, waivers, and restrictions on goods and services
  • Navigate through each of the key steps in the procurement process including establishing specifications of goods; requesting and evaluating bids; selecting vendors; ensuring quality in procurement; and documenting the procurement process
  • Quickly adapt when project plans change, including budget reductions, revised specifications, price fluctuations, and procurement in disaster situations
  • Identify and reduce organizational risks in procurement execution

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