44th IAEE International Conference 2023

44th IAEE International Conference 2023

📅 4 – 9 February 2023
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The IAEE Conference is one of the most influential non-commercial gatherings for energy industry professionals, thought leaders, and global policymakers. The 44th IAEE Conference in Riyadh will be the world’s pre-eminent platform, with an event theme of advancing pathways to a clean, stable, and sustainable energy future. Addressing that issue is one of the world’s most pressing challenges as nations collectively address the energy trilemma, requiring pragmatic solutions to enable a smooth and rapid energy transition.

The conference is open to all forms of energy and environmental topics. World energy and environmental challenges have been on the global agenda for decades, but during 2020-2022, COVID-19, the Ukraine crisis, and COP26 & 27 highlighted pressing economic, social geopolitical, and environmental vulnerabilities facing policymakers and the public. While the world energy system is recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic, responding to climate change, and geopolitical instability, millions of people still lack access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy.

The conference will highlight the interdependence of a clean, stable, and sustainable energy future trajectory. It will be the first time that the IAEE holds its international conference in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region that, for the past two decades, supplied the world with more than 40% of its oil and gas needs. The region’s hydrocarbon production potential and cost advantage will affect and be affected by the pattern and speed of the global energy transition.

The challenge of achieving climate goals, such as those set forth in the Paris Agreement, will be nearly impossible to reach without pursuing all options to manage GHG emissions from hydrocarbon use. With different national contexts and divergent energy policies and associated costs, there is no single path for an effective energy transition.

The 44th IAEE International Conference will provide an opportunity for government officials, institutional leaders, renowned academics, and corporate leaders to meet, exchange views and address timely and relevant issues of the energy sector.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Energy, economic development, and climate change
  • Carbon capture, utilization, storage methods, and solutions
  • Circular Carbon Economy (CCE)
  • The role of hydrogen in the energy transition
  • Economics and geopolitics of oil and natural gas
  • Challenges facing the power sector in the MENA region
  • Economic and energy diversification in the MENA region
  • The impact of oil price volatility on supply and investment
  • The role of conventional energy in the energy transition
  • Energy sector investment and financing
  • The role of energy efficiency in the transition
  • Renewable energy opportunities and challenges
  • Energy and the transport sector
  • Energy and emissions modeling
  • Energy poverty and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • COVID-19 and energy
  • Energy supply and security
  • Energy and industrial competitiveness


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