Japan pledges over US$5 million to the Global Partnership for Education

By Global Partnership for Education

Japan pledges over US$5 million to the Global Partnership for Education

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) welcomed a pledge of over US$5 million from Japan. “This funding will help the most vulnerable children, especially those affected by conflict in Moldova and Somalia,” said Laura Frigenti, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Partnership for Education.

“We look forward to Japan’s continued engagement in global education to help ensure that all children can learn, and contribute to their country’s growth, prosperity, and stability.”

The majority of the funds will be directed to countries in conflict –US$4 million will go to education efforts in Somalia and US$500,000 will go to Moldova’s support for refugees. These funds will help maintain learning continuity for the most vulnerable children whose lives have been deeply affected by ongoing crises, violence, and food insecurity.

The remaining US$600,000 GPE, will help countries develop and implement education sector plans.

“Japan attaches great importance to education support for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people, such as children in conflict-affected countries, and sincerely hopes to contribute to maintaining access to education for these children through its contribution to GPE, which includes education support for Moldova and Somalia,” said Koichiro Matsumoto, Director for Global Issues Cooperation Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. “Japan will continue to work with the international community to strengthen its support in the field of education in order to achieve SDG 4, Quality Education for All.”

The pledge came on the International Day of Education, which is a critical moment for the international community to celebrate the role of education for peace and development and ensure that all children are getting the quality education they deserve.