SDSN’s Global Solutions Forum (GSF)

SDSN’s Global Solutions Forum (GSF)

📅 15 February 2023
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The 2023 edition of the Global Solutions Forum will convene five SDSN member institutions around the theme of Health & Well-being for a Sustainable Future. After three successful editions, this 4th edition will focus on solutions that address health and/or sustainable development challenges that intersect with health-related issues.

On February 15th, representatives from SDSN’s national and regional networks -including Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Sahel, and the Mediterranean- will share their innovative and transformative solutions, thus showing how they contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. These solutions have been selected through a competitive process among SDSN networks worldwide.

The GSF2023 will open with welcome remarks from Jeffrey Sachs, president SDSN, and María Cortés-Puch, Vice President SDSN. During the event, each institution will present its solution followed by a discussion with a “Solutions Committee” composed of three health and SDGs experts: Maria Elena Bottazzi (Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development); Michael Shank (Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance); and Susanne Grimm (Competence Centre Health and Social Protection, GIZ). The debate will be moderated by Clara Marín, from ISGlobal Barcelona Institute for Global Health.


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