XVIII World Water Congress

XVIII World Water Congress

📅 11- 15 September 2023
Beijing, China

The World Water Congress is one of the world’s largest congresses linking water policymakers, researchers, and policy practitioners. Since 1973, the International Water Resources Association (IWRA) has held a World Water Congress every three years in various locations around the world.

This influential event has been successfully held 17 times. During the Congress, heads of international organizations, high-level government officials, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and economists from all over the world would share their knowledge, experience, and practice regarding a wide range of topics related to water.

With the theme of “Water for All: Harmony between Humans and Nature”, the XVIII World Water Congress aims to promote coordination and balance between the water needs of humans and nature. The Congress will facilitate knowledge and experience sharing, focusing on investigating the relationship between water, humans, and nature, identifying and reconciling all water-related factors in a coordinated manner, and making and implementing water management strategies and policies using systematic approaches.

The objective of the World Water Congress is to provide a meeting place to share experiences, promote discussion, and present new knowledge, research results, and new developments in the field of water sciences around the world. For almost five decades the World Water Congresses have been excellent events for the identification of major global themes concerning the water agenda and for the bringing together of a large cross-section of stakeholders for the development and implementation of decisions in the field of water.


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